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best lawn thickener

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Are you looking for some miracle to happen and get rid of weeds, moss and the thin pale look of the grass in your lawn?

Weed or seed? Now or then? This technique or that? You must be puzzled if you are not a professional and have no idea about this. 

Who doesn’t like a green lawn, equally thick and free from weeds and moss? Looks filmy? No, the fancy laws you see are often well taken care of and are under proper feed and cut sessions. 

I have done very detailed research about the Best lawn thickener and filtered some of the top-rated products for you.

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By the end of this detailed review, you will be able to decide what to do and what not to make your lawn lavish green & as fancy as natural grass turf grounds.

Best Lawn Thickener

Miracle-Gro EverGreen

This is manufactured by Evergreen and is highly rated lawn thickener. The quality is of international standards.  This will make the lawn completely free of weeds and moss. The special water-smart formula helps in resistance against drought, heat and other environmental stresses. It is enriched in Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. 

Key Functions

  • Kills weeds
  • Kills moss
  • Thicker lawn within seven days
  • Helps in restoring healthier roots and nitrogen balance


  • Use a spreader for even distribution.
  • For better results use twice a year with 3 months interval
  • Use between April & September
  • If using by hand apply 35g per square metre (1oz per square yard).


  • Miracle-Gro EverGreen needs to be watered in the absence of rain. Wait for the area to get fully dried after that. Keep children and pets away from treated areas until 100% dry.
  • Contains MCPA, mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphate.

Pack Sizes

12.6kg bag, 3.5kg spreader, 17.5kg bag, 2.8kg carton, 7kg bag, 5.25kg bag

Feeds for up toA few weeksA few weeksA few weeks3 months3 months3 months
Greening7 days7 days3 days7 days7 days7 days
Organic and no rake
Controls weeds
Controls moss
SeasonSpring, SummerSpring, SummerSpring, SummerSpring, SummerSpring, SummerSpring, Summer

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Miracle-Gro EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care

It is exclusively for the winter season when the grass turf gets absolutely pale and dead. We don’t like that, right? But this is a perfect solution for the autumn/winter season for your lawn. 

In winter the roots get loose and weakened which cause nutritional deficit and lead to the untidy look of the lawn. Miracle-gro Autumn care is a solution to this problem. 

Key functions

  • Strengthen roots
  • Kills mosses 
  • 7 days retexture 
  • Make your lawn ready for the next spring

How to use

  • Apply this product at individual application of 35g per square metre (1oz per square yard).
  • You can use spreader for an even distribution.
  • For good results use twice a year between September and April
  • Water your lawn after two days of application, in the absence of rain. water the grass completely so that the lawn food begins to work.


  • Contains iron sulphate. NPK 6-5-10.
  • Avoid sitting in lawn until it watered  in and dried (iron sulphate causes stains)
  • Do not mow the lawn 2-3 days before and later of the processing.
  • Allow children and pets only when the water is fully dried after a couple of days. 
Feeds for up toA few weeks3 monthsA few weeks3 months
Greening7 days7 days7 days7 days
Controls weeds
Controls moss
SeasonAutumnAutumn, SpringSpring, SummerSpring, Summer

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EverGreen 400sqm Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care

EverGreen 400sqm creates a thicker, greener, healthier and a lavish lawn in a short period of time. It kills the weeds and moss more effectively compared to many other products. It contains a water-smart formula which helps in absorbing nutrients effectively, which helps in fighting against drought and other environmental stresses. 

Within 7 days it will make your lawn look greener and will end moss within two weeks. Complete results come within a month after the processing. 

Key Functions

  • Kills weeds
  • Kills moss
  • High Potassium make a thicker  & tougher lawn 
  • High nitrogen content gives quick results
Part Number015007
Item Weight13.6 g
Package Dimensions55 x 37 x 11.5 cm
Item model number015007
Size12.6 kg with 10 Percent Free
StyleLawn Care Bag

How to use

  • By hands, Apply through an individual area of 35 g per square meter.
  • You can use a spreader, there are different spreaders(Such as evergreen and Scott spreaders), follow the guidelines. 
  • For better results use two times a year with a three months interval. 
  • Avoid application during rain, snow or windy weather. Use during a clear forecast and when it doesn’t rain after two days. Water the whole lawn with a low-pressure pipe.


  •  Do not sit or walk after application as it can cause permanent stains. 
  • Keep your pets and children away from the lawn for a couple of days. 
  • Read the label over it for all the safety. 

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Aftercut 3 Day Green Lawn Feed and Conditioner

Want your lawn to look greener and healthier every passing day? Aftercut provides the best solution. It is a balanced nutrient formula and is applied after when you give your lawn a cut. 

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium are in a moderate concentration, so if you aren’t professional and use it randomly it will not cause any harm to you or the grass. 

This one pack will cover 200msq area. It will make the roots strong which helps in food supply and water maintenance. You will be able to see the results within 3 days. 

Key Functions

  • Helps roots regrow
  • Makes grass greener within 3 days by adding Iron and Magnesium to the soil
  • Tillering effect; which makes tougher and greener lawn
  • No surge growth at all
  • Makes the soil nutrients in a balance

How to use

  • Apply after cut 
  • By hand use individual dosage of 35g per square meter area
  • You can use a spreader by evergreen or Scott. Follow label guideline
  • Water your lawn if it doesn’t rain in two days after the process.


  • Do not let your pet and kids enter the lawn for a few days.
  • Don’t mow for following the process
  • Do not sit in the lawn for two to three days as it may cause permanent stains. 
  • Follow the guidelines on the label

Box Contains

1 x Aftercut 3 Day Green Lawn Feed 200m2, 6.5kg

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Grass Lawn Seed, Ultra Patch 1.4kg Hard Wearing

Isn’t it frustrating when your pet urinates on the lavish green grass in the lawn and yellow patches appear?? I know it is.  For the solution, this product comes into play. 

Ultra Patch 1.4Kg has a unique formula of grass seed, urine neutralisers and fertilizers to ensure all actions with a single bullet. Interesting, Not?

The 1.4kg box covers up to 12 square meters.

The nutrients are as per international standards with the addition of urine neutralizers which made this product unique to the others. 

Key Functions

  • Evenly distribute with the help of shaker
  • Special Urine neutralizers help in neutralizing urine in an unharming way
  • Specially designed for a lush and green grass
  • Can help in coping with drought and other climate stresses
  • Recommended for strong roots and less surge


  • Only mow when it’s above 6 cm 
  • Avoid sitting over for two days
  • Follow label guideline

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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food 2kg

The science behind the green and beautiful lawn is the availability of food. For example when there is enough food they will look healthier and green, when the face nutrients shortage the grass uses its own reservoirs of food and nutrients so grass starts appearing thin, pale and weak. 

Miracle -GRo Water soluble is one of the Best Lawn thickeners as it will give you results in just 5 days. The water solubility makes its application easy by either using water can or Miracle-gro feeder. 

Key Functions

  • Results come within 5 day
  • Helps in making strong roots and stems
  • Iron and potassium makes the grass greener in short time
  • Decrease weeds and moss 

How to use

  • Mix 15 ml of Miracle-gro in 4.5 litres volume of a can and spread over 2.5 square meter area
  • Use Miracle-gro feeder by adding 500g sachets in the whole feeder and then cover the 100sqm area. 
  • Apply evenly throughout the lawn and wash your hands after use.
  • For better results and green lawn throughout the year, Use this once a month at least.  


  • Avoid pets and kids to enter lawn for a day or two after the operation
  • Avoid sitting for two days, as it would cause permanent stains
  • Don’t smoke or breath heavily while applying this
  • Always follow label over the product before operation

Box Contains

1 x 2kg of Miracle-Gro water-soluble lawn food to treat an area up to 400 square metres (480 square yards)

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Scotts Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 360sq m

Lawns need every possible care to look perfect. For instance, feeding alone won’t help and killing weeds and moss won’t alone may not help too when the problem is a food shortage in the soil. For such problems we need something broadspectrum to apply. 

Here comes Scott Miracle-Gro Evergreen complete Formula which helps in broadway by killing weeds and moss, providing nutrients and making stem roots stronger. 

This formula has controlled-release nitrogen composition which means your lawn will get nutrients up to 6 weeks after the treatment. This nitrogen plus formula helps in maintaining lush green texture and maintaining soil fertility even. 

Key Functions

  • Kills moss
  • Kills weeds
  • Feeds lawn 
  • Water smart formula Helps in fight drought and other soil stresses

How to use

  • 35g per sq m area should be used on individual dose
  • Scott spreader can be used for even distribution
  • If it doesn’t rain for two days, water the whole lawn with low-pressure pipe
  • Don’t allow pets and kids to enter lawn for two days
  • Can cause serious irritation to eye
  • Follow the label and guidelines before use

Box Contain

1 x 14 kg of evergreen complete to treat an area up 400 sq. m (480 square yards)

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Buyer’s guide for the best lawn thickener

best lawn thickener

Well, It depends on what you are looking for OR what’s the problem you are facing with your lawn. Are you making one? Have already but facing weeds and moss threat or have a soil nutritional deficiency. 

While searching for best lawn thickeners you have to consider all the following aspects:

Setting up a new lawn?

When you are setting up a new lawn you have to use all the soil techniques for making it free of weeds and moss and which is quite easy, then comes the seeding phase. At this stage, you need the best seeder and nutrients enriched product, nothing else. Scott Miracle-gro complete 360sqm  will fulfil your needs.

Frustrated at weeds and moss??

 In such conditions you may ask for something which only kills weeds and moss, right? And cost you less as well. But don’t fall for that rather try Miracle-gro complete 4 in one formula which can kill weeds, moss and helps in nutrients feeding and drought resistance. It may cost you 5 to 10 dollars extra but will cover everything. 

Hate brown patches by your pets urine?

This is where ultra patch 1.4 kg has no match and tailor-made for this condition. The special urine neutralizers are added in this composition which neutralize urine and you will get rid of brown/yellow patches. 

Facing drought and soil stress?

Without any second thought, I will suggest you for any Lawn thickener which has a water-smart formula. In the above seven products I mentioned, 6 contains a water-smart formula. Choose the one which suits you. 


This topic is tricky and I can’t recommend a single product. It depends on your need, condition of soil and the problem you are facing. I hope my consumer’s guide would make you able to identify the problem and what you really need. 

Still, if you are too naive for the technical aspects, I will suggest Scotts Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 360sq m. It will cover each and everything, In seven days you will have a lush green lawn and in four weeks totally free of weeds and moss. Goodbye to drought and stress. 

PS: If you are looking for the best garden shredder for home use, read our review.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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