Best Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review UK

best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review uk

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A hedge trimmer is a gardening tool used for trimming or cutting/pruning the hedges or shrubs in your garden. The purpose of this post to help you find the hedge trimmer by writing the best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review UK so that you can buy the right long reach petrol hedge trimmer.

A hedge trimmer comes in different designs. You can easily find either the manual or the powered versions in the market. But long reach petrol hedge trimmers are specialized products and serve the specific need of the user.

Normal hedge trimmers are designed to cut light twigs and leaves but the long reach hedge trimmers are quite good at helping you to cut the tops of tall hedges easily. You can easily cut the leaves and shrubs which are above head high with any good quality long reach hedge trimmer.

Best Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review UK

Here is a list of top 4 best long reach petrol hedge trimmers available in the UK:

BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool

This pull-start long reach petrol hedge trimmer is best of its kind on the market as it offers multiple functionalities. With the ability to cut hedge as high as 16ft, this is one of the best models which you can try to handle trimming jobs in your garden.

What I like most about this hedge trimmer is the fact that it is multifunctional. Attached chainsaw and different blades can easily equip you with a tool which can perform most of your gardening tasks easily. All you need to do it to keep this tool clean and in good condition.

The pull-start is quite easy but it may feel little heavier for some people to operate it specially if trimming above head high hedge.

BU-KO 52CC has three horsepower engine having fuel tank capacity of 1200 ml. When you buy this long reach petrol hedge trimmer, you also get some additional accessories for free such as gloves, goggles, toolkits and chain for the chainsaw. Overall these freebies make this model a good value for money given the fact that it has even a throttle switch for safety.

Though instructions are provided on how to assemble and operate this model but many people it difficult to actually operate it. But the support system of the company is quite good. Company representatives can help you even on the phone on how to put this hedge trimmer in use and if you need extra bolts an extensions, you may easily get them by just making a phone call.

With multiple functions, ability to cut the hedges at really great height, additional free accessories, this long reach petrol hedge trimmer could be your best buy.

Mcculloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Mcculloch HT is a lightweight model with just 22cc engine power with anti-vibration system installed. The lightweight nature of this model makes it ideal for frequent use as it just weighs 5.2 kgs with 0.5L of fuel tank capacity.

Due to its lightweight nature, this model has the cutting speed of 2365 cut/min which is quite fast for normal home use.

What will you find best about this long hedge trimmer is adjustable and ergonomically made handle. The adjustable handle makes it a lot easier to operate this tool at an above head high level without putting too much strain on your wrists and shoulders.

Common parts which need replacement frequently are air filter, spark plug and housing screws. So you won’t be spending much on the replacement of major/main parts of this unit. Above all, this unit is compliant with the EU guidelines for machinery and outdoor noise.

You can comfortably buy this long reach hedge trimmer with peace of mind and confidence to use it frequently.

Though it is recommended to use alchol mixed fuels but if you are using a fuel with more than 10% alcohol contents, it can create significant performance issues so always choose the right fuel before operating this unit.

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

ParkerBrand is a 52cc two-stroke engine beast which does everything which you can expect from a long reach hedge trimmer. 52cc engine is considered as more robust and reliable giving you all the flexibility to operate while at the same time expect the reliability of this model.

The fuel used in this model can be mixed with the two stroke fuel giving this model an added durability and performance at a great speed. Though the engine power is just 1.6 horsepower but the 52cc engine combined with two line spool and three sided toothed blade, the performance is absolutely great.

It is tough, lean and made to last longer. It is durable and designed in such a way to cut down effort in trimming and scrubbing your garden with ease.

Compared to Mcculloch HT 5622 model, this model is over 10 kg in weight and can become difficult to handle at higher vibration level. Over 75% vibration level may be difficult to manage but this can be avoided by correctly fixing either the lower shaft or the attachment at the bottom.

Fox Commander 43cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool 4in1

This 4 in 1 garden multi tool can do 4 essential things which a a garden multi tool should always do. It can be used as grass trimmer, brush cutter, hedge cutter and chainsaw pruner.

Powered by a wolf 43cc, this is a two-stroke engine which is known for its durability and reliability. The wolf engine gives this model a more professional look and ability to perform just more than what an ordinary garden trimmer can do.

The diameter of cutting blade is 250mm and the cutting blade is three sided. The 3 edged powerful blade makes this model a perfect one to perform deep trimming at good height. Since an strap is provided to handle this unit while cutting/trimming at height therefore it feels lot lighter and easier to handle at great speed even.

The hedge cutter is 400mm long with twin sided blades. When attached with the unit, it can extend up to 2300mm which is great for reaching awkward and difficult hedge fronts.

This is best buy for anyone who is looking for great value for money to have a professional looking long reach petrol hedge trimmer at affordable price and great functionality.

General Tips

Since these long reach hedge trimmers are petrol operated, there are some safety precautions must follow. Here are some general tips:

  • Before operating, eliminate all sources of spark or flame.
  • Make sure you are not smoking either while operating the unit or at the time of refuelling.
  • Mixing or using fuel outdoor is an absolute must. Never refuel the unit inside your home.
  • Always use these long reach hedge trimmers while wearing proper foot protection and avoid wearing loose clothing.
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The above best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review UK has been written after doing a lot of research.

We have gone through the product manuals of these models and have also carefully sifted through 100s of reviewers’ comments to find out the most helpful points about these models.

This post contains affiliate links

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