Best Outdoor Icicle Lights Review: Top 4 Products to Buy

Best Outdoor Icicle Lights Review

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If you are looking for the best outdoor icicle lights Review, I suppose the festivity, jollity, and happiness are knocking the door of your life. Be it Christmas, the family gets together or an outdoor holiday adventure with your loved one; lights bring colors to the life and mood…..


Yes to your mood as well. As there are established scientific studies to back the claim. 

The icicle lights need meticulous and detailed research and the market is full of ambiguities. 

I am sure you would be very perplexed and confused as there is so much variety in the icicle lights.

When considering buying of outdoor icicle lights you have to consider many things like manufacturing quality, wire extension, material, bulb quality, waterproof ability and dozen of other such things- which makes it very hectic to buy straight away but hold on, we have gone through intensive research and time-consuming customers reviews process and brought the best of the lot for you. 

Let’s start;

Best Outdoor Icicle Lights Review

Ollny Curtain Fairy Lights

First of the lot and one of the most suggested with ideal specifications and qualities is ollny curtain fairy lights.

It has features like resistance to overheating and you can touch it without any danger after long time use. 8 lighting modes made it a big hit in the market, the colours can be controlled by remote or the power button on the plug.

The timer and dimmable control make it very super easy to use and of course, if you are thinking about waterproof ability then yes they are absolutely waterproof plus an end to end connectable. 

Specifications of Ollny curtain fairy lights

Materialcopper + Plastic
Dimension9.8ft*9.8ft / 3m * 3m
LED quality 306
Length from LED to plug11.5ft/3.5m
ColourWarm white
Max remote control distance26ft/8m
Power supplyUK standard plug
Waterproof GradeIP44
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The ollny curtain fairy lights are very easy to install. All you need to do is find a horizontal wire and hang fairy lights by using zip ties or sticky hooks followed by untangling each strand and plug in the fairy lights and boom you are done.

Modes control & setting

It has 8 lighting modes;

  • Combination
  • In waves
  • sequential
  • Slo-Glo
  • Chasing/flash
  • slow/fade
  • Twinkle/flash
  • steady on/On

You can switch the modes between 8 different modes by remote control and transformer button as well.

Now you know why they are super cool?

Want a bright light? Perfect choice

Ollny curtain fairy lights glow in mesmerizing effects and provide powerful light by using 306 warm white LED lights to create a romantic atmosphere for your feast, family or any kind of party.

Want control over brightness and timing? Perfect choice

It gives you choices to control the brightness and timing by a 13 key remote control. For example, you can put them on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours just by using the timer button.

Not only this but you have 4 levels of brightness i.e 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. Tell us something cooler than this, we will wait.

Don’t you worry about rain and water at all;

The curtain lights are the perfect choice for your backyard party, outside home hangings or for other festivals like a wedding or BBQ party in the mountains because the manufacturer made it waterproof for you. Go and grab it.

Size matters i.e Length of the wire

Extra 11.5ft lead wire makes it easy for installation. So don’t worry if the wall outlet is far from the reach. Isn’t it useful in many cases?

One time use? Not at all;

These icicle lights can be used in home decoration of walls and windows all year round, so you can keep them safe and unimpaired after the end of the feast and festival. 

Ollny curtains lights are perfect for Christmas decoration, parties, weddings, valentine’s day, restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings.

LED Curtain New-USB Fairy Lights

LED curtain New USB fairy lights are outfitted with a USB, 8 modes operation, remote control and complete waterproof wire structure. 3m*3m

window icicle strand can be utilised in many approaches and at different occasions. The chilling feature of timing is equipped as well and yes it’s safe to use as well.

InterfaceUSB Plug
LED Quantity 300pcs
String Quantity10pcs
Working Temperature -30℃~40℃(-22℉~104℉)
Beam Angle360 degrees
Lifespan50,000 hours
Waterproof GradeIP67
Size3M/9.84ft x 3M/9.84
WIRE length (between USB and the 1st string)3M/9.84ft
Cable colourTransparent white
Remote Rangeup to 10M
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The structure

These lED icicle lights are different from traditional bulbs i.e smaller but very intense in lighting, also you can shape them as you want, you can bend them and adjust accordingly.

300 LED lights are wrapped in a soft and delicate form of white PVC which make them super cool and adjustable.

Modes and control

It has 8 modes of operation as well and it can remember the pattern you set for the next time when you turn them on, Interesting?

Modes are

  • Combination
  • In Waves
  • Sequential
  • Slo Glo
  • Chasing Flash
  • Slow, Fade
  • Twinkle Flash
  • Steady On

Set timer and stay Lazy

Again this has this cool feature of timer as well which makes them highly rated. You can set them ON for 6 hours and then OFF for 18 hours. You don’t have to do any hectic programming, all you need to do is press the timer button and stay lazy 🙂

You can manage this within approx 17 feet, that’s more than enough. 

Rain can’t call your party off

We all hate it when rain calls off play and parties and that’s why we made it sure in our research to suggest you waterproof icicle lights. These LED lights are IP67 waterproof designs. But hang on, USB & remote are never waterproof so keep them under the shades 🙂

Safety first

These LED icicle lights consume low voltage which makes them very safe for your domestic use. They are cool on touch and don’t overheat on constant lightning. 

These 300 pcs are powered by USB and remote is powered by two pcs of AAA batteries. So what are you thinking of this? Go and grab it now.

300 LED Icicle Fairy Twinkle Starry Lights

This icicle twinkle starry has 300 LEDs. 8 lighting modes are as cool as you would imagine and beautifully equipped with memory features.  Length of the wire is 3.5 meter, enough? I think so. 

These are very low heat generating. Can work efficiently in extreme cold weather. And of course waterproof if you are thinking of rain and snow.

Product specifications

Colour of LEDWarm White
Size3M(W) x 3M(H)
LED quantity300 pcs
Wire materialCopper inside
Input VoltAC220-240V
Output Volt36V, 6W
Colour of the stringWarm White
Lead length3.5m
Controller 8 Lighting Modes with controller & memory
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Structure and manufacturing

Made up of high-quality plastic. Comprising 12 window curtain strings each having 25 LED bulbs which makes 300 overall. You can shape and place according to your space and use.  

Lighting modes and control

The modes and rhythmic ON & OFF makes these LEDs elegant and cool. Icicle twinkle fairy lights have this for you. 8 different modes can be controlled by the button.

Modes are:

  • combination
  • in waves
  • sequential
  • slots
  • chasing/flash
  • slow fade
  • twinkle/flash
  • steady on

Memory is important

These icicle twinkle lights can restart on the same rhythm and modes you had set. The control is quite simple compared to the others and the price is very low despite of great quality. 

Safety makes the deal tasty

Safety is everything and when its domestic use electronics we need to make it sure at every cost. You don’t need to worry, our team has done the job for you. These icicle lights are waterproof (BS certified) so you can hang them out on the fences and can use them in any open-air festivity. Low voltage consumption hence no overheating and of course, the life span is long enough to use them again & again. 

Snowfall Effect L.E.D Icicle Lights

Last but not the least, The snowfall LED icicle lights. The quality of bulbs, lighting and wire, everything is perfect.

 What could be more eye-catchy than this pic of snowfall icicle lights??

Best Outdoor Icicle Lights Review
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Absolutely stunning….. 

That’s what came to my mind after first sight. That’s called “light at first sight’’. 300 LEDs of high quality. Waterproof and consumption of voltage is minimum. Each single bulb is so sophisticatedly wrapped in high-quality plastic. Lifespan is 500 times longer than normal bulbs. There is a memory chip and 8 modes of operations so it would start from the mode you had set already.

Why are they Peculiar? Snowfall effects

Assembly of these bulbs is very unique, on plugging in the snowfall effects makes it better and cooler than many other brands. The bulbs are low voltage consuming so it saves power as well.

Different Modes

It has 8 different modes and the rhythms are nice, smooth and stable.

It has a pea size brain

Yes, it has a memory chip which makes it easy to control and set the modes in order. So when you turn them off they will remember their sequence and on turning it ON back it will start in the same flow.

Yes, Waterproof

It is a waterproof design and you can hang them, place them & decorate them where you want. Also, the plastic used is resistant to extreme weather.

Low voltage/low consumption

It uses low voltage and saves power. A  low heat generating system makes it perfect for domestic use. Safe on touch as it doesn’t heat up for constant lighting. 


We as a team were very choosy and took too much time on filtering a few best outdoor icicle lights for you. We hope the results will be of your great benefit as this best outdoor icicle lights review will help you to decide what is the best product to buy.

Of all, which brand you loved the most or you are moving to grab it. If you have any doubt or input you can add to the comment section given below. We will clarify them as soon as possible. More reviews, visit our recommended products page.

This post contains affiliate links.

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