Best Outdoor Security Lights Reviews UK (2021)

Best Outdoor Security Lights Reviews UK

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Thanks to the online world, it has become quite easy and convenient to do shopping. The Internet makes shopping purposeful but it is not always that easy to sift through a lot of options to find out the best of what we want.

Check out best outdoor security lights

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There are literally countless options available to us so how do you choose something like outdoor security lights which are essential for your home security but at the same time are heavier on your pocket due to cost involved.

The purpose of this little guide is to provide you with the best outdoor security lights reviews UK so that you can find the right outdoor security light.

Best Outdoor Security Lights Reviews UK

For each of the outdoor security light, we will look at their features, pros, cons and costs. So read on… happy shopping…

NICREW Battery Powered Security Light

This security light is super bright and offers a great option for home security lighting. With the ability to detect motion from as far as 18 feet, this light can light up every corner of your home.

What I like most about this light is that it is quite compact and can easily be installed. The box is quite compact and come with the installation guide. I found installation guide quite easy to read and follow as compared to the guides provided in the other models. I was easily able to install it without any difficulty just by following the guidelines given in the installation manual.

It is not only perfect for your outdoors but it can be used in driveways, entrances and any other place in your home which you want to secure. The portability of this light makes it convenient- saving your time and money while at the same time offering peace of mind.

Normally, batteries last almost 6 months but it depends. If you are buying a new set in winter, with longer nights, batteries may last up to 4 months. But if you are installing them in summer, the batteries may last more.

The average durability of these lights(before you need replacement) is roughly 2 years. 2 years is sufficient time to have a set of security lights which are not only bright but have motion sensors also.

One thing which has made me really like these security lights is the easy installation. You can really fix them in a few minutes with the fixing screws supplied with the lights. Though some people complain that screws should be of larger length you can easily fix these lights with the supplied screws. You should not have any problem whatsoever.

Though these security lights are long-lasting and you would hardly need any replacement but in any case, you get a faulty package or one light is working and other is not, you can easily get the replacement in almost three days which is quite good.

Probably because of this good customer services that you see a lot of 4/5 star customer reviews for this product. I have also checked with many other users who believe that this light is different from others because it is quite bright compared to other models. The performance during winter is also something that distinguishes this model from all other models.

If you want to have a look at the technical specification of these lights, here are they:

  • 4 led lights with 600 lumens
  • adjustable light heads to turn the light at 360 degrees
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • best adhesive mounts- it can mount on any surface easily


MEIKEE is an all-time superstar when it comes to innovate and introduce new product features every year. It continues to innovate and offer security lights which are more aligned with the modern-day needs.

With 1000 Lumens, you can surely say that this light is quite heavy and offers bright light with upgraded motion sensor. The upgraded motion sensor can actually sense motion from 12 meters which is quite remarkable from the security point of view.

MEIKIEE however, has only 120-degree lighting angle making it little inflexible when it comes to rotating it as per needs. But considering the fact that the motion sensor is more sensible, it can sense movement even if it is not rotating enough. The better motion-sensing ability of this model sort of compensates for this 120-degree angle.

To install this light on your own, you would definitely need a drill and sufficiently large bit also. And since you will be installing it outdoors, you will also need a junction box. The good thing is that this unit comes with an already connected steel mounting bracket with complete fixtures so it is quite easy to install it with little effort.

One thing which you might complain about this light is the length of the cable provided. Many have to buy the extra cables to use for installation.

Here are some technical details of the light, if you want to check out:

  • Led Bulb
  • 60 Watts
  • 522 gm weight
  • Adjustable light direction

CLY LED Floodlight, 20W Security Lights with PIR Sensor

This energy efficient, 2000 Lumen and 20W security light is a great option for anyone who is looking to save big on energy. Due to its energy conservation and efficiency, this security light can reduce your electricity bill by 80% as compared to other models.

It is waterproof with average life of over 50000 hours which is huge value for the money. With detection range of 120 to 180 degrees, this light is quite a good option to have it if you are ok with motion sensor which can detect motion from 12m. With adjustable working mode, you can put this light to work during specific hours only.

I have seen people installing it in the gardens as big as 50 ft and this light covers the garden really well. If you aim this light correctly, you can easily cover gardens of wider size. This largely depends on your choice of the angle to fix this light for coverage.

Since this is energy-efficient, many people find the light a little low or dim but be rest assured that it is sufficient to provide deterrence and is good enough to suspect any movement from 12m distance.

Here are some technical specifications if you want to have a look at them:

  • Weight 458 gm
  • Life of 50000 Hours
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 120 beam angle
  • Input Voltage : 85V~265V / AC 50-60HZ

LITOM Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

This solar-powered 300 LED bright light is one of its kind. You not only get a wider 270 angle light which is not only durable but is waterproof also. Installation is super easy- You can easily install it with just a few screws and use the provided plugs.

The softer light and the waterproof nature of this security light makes it ideal to use for any weather. Despite the fact that it is not that big in size, it is about the size of your hand, but it is bright enough to serve your purpose.

You can use this light with three settings or modes and each mode can be set to increase the intensity of the light you want.

The motion detection range is not that of other models but it can easily sense the motion from good 8m which is quite good by any standards.

It is a solar light and charges itself during the sunny day so, during the days which are cloudy and rainy, there may be some charging issues. You need to install it on a spot where there is direct sunlight to charge this security light.

Our research does suggest that they are good even during winters if there are only 8 hours of sunlight. If installed properly, it can work really well even during wintertime.

Here are some technical specifications you might want to look at:

  • Weight of 517 gm
  • Requires batteries to operate
  • 300 LED
  • 270 wide-angle
  • Automatic recharge
  • 2 lights pack
  • IP67 compliant

Mpow Solar Light

This is another solar light which is not only affordable (around £ 16 in the UK) which is 30 LED and IP65 compliant. Equipped with the most efficient solar-powered panel in the market, this light can conserve the energy for up to 20%.

Due to its high energy conservation and efficient solar panel, this light charges effortlessly during the day and lit with bright light during the night time. It has a 120-degree angle and can detect the motion from approximately 26 ft. This motion detection is quite good at this price level

Due to IP65 compliance, this light remains durable even during the harsh weathers. Due to this, solar lights can easily last up to 3 years. It is good to use during the winter season and can easily charge during the chilly weather also.

Though it is easy to install but you can take the help from a handyman to install it properly. Though I will not suggest this as you can easily do it on your own.

Here are some technical specifications you may like to check:

  • 100% solar powered
  • 318 g weight
  • IP 65 compliance
  • 120 degree wide angle
  • PIR motion sensor

This post shares with you the best outdoor security lights reviews in the UK. Offering unbiased and research-based content. Please feel free to read our recommended products reviews.

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