Best PIR Security Lights UK: 5 Reviews & Buyer Tips

Best PIR security lights uk

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Talk about security and convenience? We all get carried away with these two things. Aren’t we? In the times of insecurities, technology and busy life, security and shortcuts become a necessity to live with. 

One tool which can secure your home easily is PIR security lights and in this post, we are going to offer you a detailed review of best PIR security lights UK.

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The most satisfying part about these PIR sensor based outdoor security lights is their long life span and they utilise very low energy. 

Usually these PIR security lights are used outdoors, However, you can use them indoors as well in several circumstances. For example, you can use these motion sensor lights in the backyard, lawn, garage, warehouse unit, shed, or wherever else you need a reasonable lighting installation. 

You can use all types of plug-in source for PIR lights operation i.e electricity, batteries or solar power. 

The enormous variety in the market makes it often difficult for buyers to decide. We have done a comprehensive research and brought you the best PIR security lights. 

Let’s start ;

Best PIR Security Lights UK


Meikee 10W PIR security light is one of the leading LED intelligent lights manufacturing companies and highly trusted by its customers. 

This is one of the very few best articles in the market. The manufacturing quality is very high and the price is quite reasonable. It has newly upgraded motion sensors.

You get toggle switches instead of the knob on the motion sensor which makes the operation quite easy and effective. 

The protective cover made it absolutely water-resistant. The motion sensor distance is 12M while lighting time is adjustable to day or night which makes it the perfect choice for outdoor use. 

General Specifications:

Luminous flux1000Lumen
Beam angle120 Degrees
Waterproof RatingIP66
Cable lengthAbout 4.92 Feet
Colour temperature6500K Daylight White
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Advance Nano Material:

The front frame of the Meikee 10W PIR security lights with motion sensor is made up of advanced nanomaterials instead of glass. This makes it perfect against fall, scratch or hit. It is equipped with modern SMD technology which yields high brightness compared to other outdoor LED lights of the same wattage and energy consumption. 

Innovative motion sensors:

It has innovation in all aspects. That is why they have chosen toggle switches instead of knobs on the motion sensor. Which makes it super easy to use and install and you can adjust the lighting time to 10s-45s-120s-600-s. You can adjust it for day and night as well.

What else would you expect?

Waterproof [IP66] :
Are you looking for outdoor installation? If you are concerned about rain or snowfall, Meikee PIR 10W security light is the best choice for you. It is designed with an IP66 waterproof system while the infrared sensor is IP65. The floodlight is resistant against dust, moisture, extreme cold and heat environment, also the stability and durability is ideal.

Perfect for your outdoor security installation.

Save energy, save the future:

The feature which you should always keep in mind while buying these lights is energy consumption as these are floodlights. Meikee 10W Security light saves 80% of energy. Due to the larger reflective exterior, it reduces unnecessary light reflection.

One-step Installation:

You don’t need to hire a technical expert from the town. The LED floodlights have screws in accessories. All you need to do is fix the bracket on the mounting slot and fasten the device with screws.  

Two years warranty made every customer delighted:

The reviews of this  Meikee PIR 10W lights’ are very satisfying and why? you would worry when you are getting the warranty & free services. 

MEIKEE 50W LED Floodlights

You want more high beams and more light? Bright and intense? Meikee 50w LED floodlights are ideal for you. The more you add watts, the sweeter gets your cup of lights.

As simple as that.

It has advanced and upgraded manufacturing for its bigger luminous surface, COB integrated light board. This makes it brighter than the other same 50W LED floodlights. The innovation is ON. The motion sensor is very sensitive and can detect the moving bodies in the range of 12

meters. The response to moving bodies is faster than the brain signalling your feet to move.


The finest Nanomaterials are used instead of glass so it can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snowfall, heat and moisture. The binary modes of lUX, TIME can be adjusted. Absolutely eco friendly, emits no lead or mercury and saves 80% energy.  IP65 and IP66 upgraded waterproof systems are used. The installation guide is very simple however they offer you warranty and services as well. 

The cable length is reasonable, unlike many other models. The sensor can be moved about up/down or left to right. 

Product specifications:

voltage200 to 240 VAC 
Luminous colourDaylight White
Beam angle120
Working temperature -25C  to 40C
Sensor detection angle180
Detection distance12m
waterproofFloodlight IP66, Sensor IP65
Cable length1.5 m
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Why this product? The Advantages:

  1. New sensor technology:

          The sensor is an enhanced model and very sensitive to moving objects. Range lies within 12m. The new toggle button is made in a way that it is completely safe from rain or snow and the sensor can keep work in extreme weather conditions. 

  1. Ideal Design with CE and FCC certification:

         Meikee 50w LED floodlight has a long life span due to the stable and durable design. The new heat sink made it perfect in terms of longevity. Also, 1.5m  long cable, mounting accessories and rotating bracket made it super easy to install and use in the desired direction. 

     C. Reflectors:
          Larger reflective surface and contrasting smooth reflectors reduces the useless light reflections and refraction at the same time. The brightness is high and of good quality as well

  1. No blinking at all:

          In extreme conditions like -25c cool and that around 40c hot, it doesn’t blink. Always look for nanomaterials in floodlights exteriors, this product has gotten that already. 

  1. Warranty and services:

This 50w PIR floodlights have a two-year warranty of replacement and 1 month of return and refund.

30W 3000 Lumens PIR Light

This advanced PIR light has everything which a security floodlight requires. For example brightness, sensitivity of the sensor, wide application, energy-saving trait and easy installation.

TIME AND LUX adjustment with toggle button instead of knob. Cable is long enough for mounting and the bracket can be rotated around 180 degrees.

IP66 equipped, so a very good waterproof system and you can use it 

in your backyard, garden, playing grounds, courts etc.


Colour temperature6000k/ daylight white
Luminous flux3000lm
Beam angle120 degrees
Cable length4.92ft
CRI( Colour rendering index)75.00
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Advance sensor and design:

The sensor works around 120 degrees to detect moving objects and about 12m far away. Body movement is detected by the delicate accessories of an infrared detector. Lights will turn on by mass movement and will get off as it moves away. 

80% Energy saving:

Equipped with a toggle key rather than the knob and the LED lights of this 30W Security lights consume less energy compared to the same wattage of other models which can save 80% on your electricity bill. 

Easy installation:

These PIR security lights come with an easy and fast fitting process. 3 installation bolts are in the package and you just need to fit a bracket onto the mounting slot and then hold the light with the screws. 

Weather Resistant:

Be it snow or rain, you don’t need to worry about blinking, rusting and short circuit etc. These PIR lights have an IP66 waterproof system which can withstand extreme weather conditions from -25c to 40c. 

Onforu LED Security Lights with Motion Sensor, 50W

This 50W LED security light is the best of the lot. As simple as that. Due to its high demand, you may find it missing from the stock every now and then but it’s fully enriched with all the ideal specifications a buyer would want.

One of the cool features added to this device is DIY Setting which is a control option to adjust your light requirements. Also, SENS mode is unique in a way that you can set the detection distance within the range of 6m to 12m. 


Wattage 50w
Luminous flux5000lm
Colour temperature5000K, Daylight white
Colour rendering index (CRI)More than 80
waterproofIP65 and IP44
Beam angle90 degrees
Detection Max Range 20 to 39ft
Sensor rotation angle0- 180 degrees
Current frequency50-60Hz

How is this best? Well let’s see briefly the main features.

SENS Mode:

Unlike many other models, it has total control over adjusting the detection range from minimum 6m to 12m. You can set it according to your need.

TIME Mode:

As its infrared-based system and the lights turn ON when a motion is detected. You can set the lighting time from 10s-180seconds. 

LUX Mode:

Onforu PIR security Lights work both during the day and night to detect motion. Lux mode makes it easy to set the day mode during daytime and night mode when it is completely dark. 


These 50W LED Security lights are stronger than traditional lights with 250W wattage. Now you can estimate how much of an energy-saving system this is. 88% saving on your electricity bill. That’s huge. 

Novel Heat sink Fins:

The heat sink fins are well structured which takes the heat out of the system very efficiently, this results in a long life span of security lights.

Resistant to extreme weather:

The waterproof system of IP66 and IP44 is applied to both screen and sensor sequentially. Thinking about installing in the backyard, lawn, playing court or ground? This one will not dissatisfy you in any outdoor fitting and utilization. 

Flexible to move with the angle:

With an ideal 3 head shape not only it covers a huge area but also has a moveable structure which allows us to set horizontally from 180-360 degrees and vertically 0-180 degrees. 

Best PIR Security Lights: Buyer’s guide

Things to consider:

  1. Wattage/power 

         In this regard, you have to think of your usage and the place you want to install. It can vary from backyard or garage to front door installation. Greater and open the area, higher the wattage you will require. 

As an example for front door and garage 10-30W range lights are Ideal, but if you want to apply in a whole lawn, backyard or in a court go for 50W. 

  1. Beat the Heat

Always look for LED structure and heat sink fins which can extract the heat out of the system. We in this article chose the products which are efficiently heat resistant.

One still makes sure especially when the watts are above 50w. 

  1. Motion sensor/ Detector

The main purpose is security, so keep this trait on the first priority of your requirements. We suggest Meikee 30W PIR lights and Onforu 50W Security lights in this regard. The feedback is absolutely satisfying. 

The more upgraded the sensor the better the results will be. We only included the best possible sensor-equipped lights in the article above. 

  1. Energy-saving and warranty: 

         Energy consumption is very less with these modern LED-based lights compared to old traditional floodlights. All above mentioned PIR security lights save more than 80% energy. While the one with 50W by Onforu saves 88% energy. 

        With that Warranty and service is a very important thing before buying. Electronics sometimes disassemble on the way or during installation which could be very frustrating. That is the reason we suggested the brands which give customers two years of replacement warranty and 1-month return and refund. 


 The PIR security light is a necessity nowadays, we all know that. But the thing is when choosing to buy these stuff, one always researches every aspect of it. 

We made the buyer guide in the simplest way possible to not let you confuse by technical things. Now choose your space, look out for the area, and grab the one which suits your needs.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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