Best Tiller for Clay Soil According To Experts

best tiller for clay soil

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Clay soil is difficult to handle, and a top-notch best tiller for clay soil, which can easily prepare the ground for planting, according to our research, is Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator. Our recommendation is backed up by thousands of positive reviews and expert opinions about this tiller.

Before we dig deep into our detailed and unbiased reviews on some of the best tillers available in the market for clay soil, let’s deal with a small confusion many people have.

Often people confuse a tiller with a cultivator. Both are different equipment though, like our above-recommended model, one equipment can handle both jobs easily.

A tiller basically does the job of breaking down the hard soil into loose and soft dirt which is then used for planting. Cultivator on the other hand mix up the soil which is already ready for planting and stirred in fertilizer to make it ready for planting.

It is fundamental human nature that when we are faced with many choices, we often end up making no or poor choices. The reason is that there are so many tillers and their varieties are available in the market that without solid research, it is almost impossible to find the right tiller which suits your needs and budget.

To save your time and energy, we have compiled some of the best tillers for clay soil models for you. These models are technically great and are lighter on your pocket too.

Below is a summary and description of our most favourite features. Based on price and their features, you can buy them:

Earthwise TC70001 Check Price8.5amp11 in8 in427.4 lb
Sun Joe TJ604ECheck Price13.5168627.1lb
Sun Joe TJ603ECheck Price12 amp168627.1lb
Schiller GroundsCheck Price25cc910240 rpm24 lb
Greenworks Check Price8 amp510429.4 lb

One of the critical features of any right tiller is how deep, and wide it can prepare the soil. Most of the best tiller models available in the market dig up to 8 inches with a width of 9-11 inches. Some high-level models with better motor speed and tines can prepare the soil for as wide as 16 inches.

A second most important feature to look for is the power of the motor. Most of the tillers have 8 amp motors, which are suitable for small gardens. If your yard is a bit bigger, you need to buy a tiller with at least 12 amp motor power tiller. Smaller tillers may not deliver the required performance if the yard size is big.

best tiller for clay soil
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Best Tiller for Clay Soil

Earthwise TC70001 

Earthwise TC70001 comes in two sizes i.e. 11 inches and 16 inches with the 16-inch model is slightly higher in price. If you have a small yard, the 11-inch model could be an excellent choice for you.

Powered by 8.5 amp motor, this tiller is sufficient for small to mid-sized gardens and can also work for weed control. Its durable steel tines are strong enough to dig as deep as 8 inches providing you a soil that is ideal for planting anything in your garden.

This tiller is quite easy to start. Unlike other models, this is a push-button start. Since this is lightweight equipment; therefore, it is quite easier to operate this unit once it swiftly started with just a push button.

This unit is easy to assemble, and spare parts are readily available. Though you may not feel the need to change the tines within the first two years, in case you need a replacement, it is quite easy and inexpensive to get the replacement parts from the manufacturer.

This is our best recommendations because there are 1000s of satisfied customers and better technological make of this unit.

Main Features

  • Have built-in cultivator feature also
  • Easy start with power off/on function
  • It is easy to hold down lever for comfortable operation
  • Most of the features for least money

Sun Joe TJ604E

This is probably the most powerful model available in the market. It has 13.5 amp motor which is powerful enough to dig 8 inches deep and 16 inches wide.

At a 375 RPM slicing capacity, this tiller can effortlessly slice the soil and prepare it for planting. When using this high RPM, it can automatically prepare the soil up to the desired depth.

This is enormous power for any home gardener who wishes to use this tiller for clay soil and prepare the soil for planting and growing in any season.

Though this garden tiller is made with the latest technology still it comes with a two years warranty. This is a huge benefit for anyone who is looking for a reliable tiller and still has peace of mind that it can be replaced if it starts malfunction within the first 2 years of purchase.

Main Features

  • Easy Storage with folding handle
  • 3 Position wheel adjustment
  • 6 blades with 3 wheel adjustment positions
  • Excellent for all weather use

Sun Joe TJ603E

This is another Sun Joe model with slightly less motor power at 12 amp with a 16-inch width and 8-inch deep blade. It has 6 steel tines that are angled and provide maximum performance and durability during the use of this tiller.

It can perform the dual role of tiller and cultivator like other Sun Joe Models with three-wheel position adjustment. The handle can be folded effortlessly for secure storage also.

It operates at one speed so speed is not variable therefore if never try to lug it down to slow down the speed. Doing so will damage the tiller.

Main Features

  • Weight of 27 lbs
  • 6 steel made angled tines
  • Instant Start
  • Good Value for Money

Schiller Grounds

This is relatively a pricey item but is also the most powerful tiller and cultivator availble in the market.

Powered by a Honda 25cc engine, this tiller has a tine speed of 240 rpm, which is quite heavy duty and best for home and large scale use. Despite its weight and high speed, it is straightforward to control with just a finger controlled throttle.

The 9-inch width and the 10 inches deep operations can break into any tighter spaces.

This tiller is foldable and can easily be stored however, it also comes with a kickstand making it easier for steady standing when the unit is not operational.

Main Features

  • Powerful commercial engine
  • Innovative design
  • Comes with optional attachments so it can be your all in one solution
  • It is a perfect tiller for any garden size


This is an electric start tiller with 8 amp motor power. The electric start makes start easy and does not require mixing of the gas to power this unit.

With a width of 8 inches and a depth of 10 inches, this tiller is one best tiller for clay soil. The forwarding rotating tines of this tiller play a key role in reliable and efficient digging of the clay soil.

Main Features

  • Best for small yards
  • Different extension available to make this a complete unit
  • Provides instant electric start
  • Provides smooth operation with very less noise

One of the key concerns of customers is the difficulty in starting tillers. Many complain that tillers are difficult to start and are hard to assemble. While it is true to some extent, our research do indicates that with proper extensions and following the assembly instructions, these units can easily be put in use.

Most modern tillers now come with the cultivator so you can easily use the same unit for different purposes without incurring any extra cost.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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