Top 4 Best Worms for Raised Garden Beds

best worms for raised garden beds

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Knowing what best worms for raised garden beds to buy can be a confusing process. Many gardeners build raised garden beds for different reasons but finding the right type of worms to create good soil structure can be confusing.

There are literally thousands of types of worms and not every worm may suit your raised garden beds. Factors like existing types of worms, manure pile in your raised garden beds and type of soil are just some of the factors which determine the effectiveness of worms.

People also generally think that adding worms to raised garden beds may not be worth it because soil is not deep enough to let worms do their magic. But if your garden bed rests on the ground or contained within walls or rocks, soil would be enough to let worms do their job and better aeriate it for better output.

Adding a layer of mulch over your soil before adding worms to your raised garden bed can help it break down easily and would add more fertility to the soil.

So it is absolutely neccessary to add worms to the raised garden beds.

To help you save time and energy, especially if you are looking for the best worms for raised garden beds, we have put together a comprehensive list of 4 best products available in the market.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to read our detailed reviews, use the links below to buy two of the best worms for raised garden beds :

Top 4 Best Worms for Raised Garden Beds

This summary table describes the best features of the top 4 best worms you can use in your raised garden beds to improve soil structure and quality:

ProductPrice Weight in LbsWorms Count
Uncle Jim’s Worm Check Price2 2000
BloomsnBuds WormsCheck Price0.96 ounce200
NaturesGoodGuys Live Check Price2.1 1200
Organic Red WormsCheck Price4 Ounce250

Before buying, your key consideration should be to check as to what type of worms you are buying. There are generally two types of worms which are sold in the market.

  1. Red Wiggler Worms
  2. Organic Worms

Organic worms are also the red wiggler worms but they are raised in a different manner and are sustainable in nature. We have covered both type of worms for you so if you are a conscious consumer, you can make the right choice.

best worms for raised garden beds

Another consideration should be the number of worms sold in can or bag. The normal packages are sold in different counts with a minimum of 200 worms to a maximum of 5000 worms. You should choose the one which suits your need and budget.

Remember, the rule of thumb is 1lb is equal to 1000 worms.

The average size of the worms is between 1 to 2 inches and they multiply quite quickly. You should check what is the size of the worms and whether they are good enough to multiply themselves quickly to benefit your raised garden beds.

Features of top 4 best worms for raised garden beds

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 2000 Count Red Wiggler Worms

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm products are considered as one of the best in the market. This 2000 count red wiggler worms pack is considered as the best to improve the germination of the soil, helps strengthen the root structure and also adds to the plant growth.

Best Features

  • They are guaranteed to be lively and are insect-free.
  • 100% red wigglers and not the European nightcrawlers.
  • Most of the worms supplied are juvenile thus they multiply as they grow and become adults.
  • Provide natural worm casting
  • Box contains diversified species of worms providing more rapid compost.

What I like best about Uncle Jim is the fact that they deliver products so quick that you get live insects. Good thing is that this box of 2000 worms can easily create 16 to 32 ounce of compost every day adding more richness to your soil to grow healthier plants and vegetables.

Our recommendations for Uncle Jim’s 2000 count box is based on the results that these worms will reduce the need for extra chemicals to add to your soil, control waste and encourage the organic production so that you can get the best produce.

NaturesGoodGuys Live Redworms Composting Red Worms – 1,200 Red Wigglers

NaturesGoodGuys brand claims to outperform other red worms due to the way they are raised and groomed. They are specifically raised on worm chow which helps these worms to grow and multiply faster and also accelerate reproduction in worms.

Best Features

  • Guaranteed live
  • consume mostly organic food and burrow within 24 hours
  • Ideal at release rate of 2-3 worms per sq.ft

To use these worms effectively, it is recommended to use organic food for the worms. In this way, when they consume the organic matter, they produce the worm castings which invariably help aerate the soil better.

Our recommendations for NaturesGoodGuys live redworms is based on positive feedback by the consumers, the way they are raised and groomed and their ability to multiply quickly.

BloomsnBuds 200 Red Wiggler Worms

This is a relatively small box of just 200 red wiggler worms but it contains redworms and earthworms also. With just a weight of 0.96 ounces, they are smaller than the European nightcrawlers but they eat faster and reproduced faster as compared to nightcrawlers.

These red wigglers are good to be put directly in the garden box and once they get the soil moisture, they start to do their magic and start to reproduce quickly. Unlike other compost worms, these can easily be used out of the box.

Major Features

  • Can survive any type of weather
  • Average height of 2 inch
  • No mites or other pests included
  • Not good for fishing

These worms are mostly shipped on Mondays so before ordering your pack, make sure you know that you order on a suitable day. Secondly, as soon as you receive them, it is an absolute must to water them. Since these worms remain in transit for almost three days, it is critical to immediately water them. Watering also necessary if you plan to release them slowly in your garden beds.

250+ Red Wiggler Earthworms, Organic and Sustainably Raised

Our last recommendation is of sustainably raised, organic red wiggler earthworms which are grown under sustainable conditions. Red wigglers are considered as best for devouring half of their body weight everyday so they produce most compost and in faster manner.

Major Features

  • Fed with organic waste
  • Box comes with mixture of junvenile, young and mature worms
  • Mature worms in box have size of approximately 4 inches
  • Shipped in clothed packaging

Our recommendations for this product is based upon the promise that it offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, they are best for anyone who is a conscious consumer and loves to have organically grown worms for their raised garden beds.

What do Other Consumers think?

One of the key concerns of almost every consumer is whether these worms will survive the winter or summer season or not. Our research suggests that most of the brands are good enought to survive the harsh weather. Be it summer or winter, if handled properly, these worms can survive and are good to go.

Uncle Jim has a better record of reimbursing the customers if the worms are damaged or arrive dead in the package. This is why we recommend Uncle Jim’s red wigglers as they are not only better but offer good customer services also.

Consumers also seem to buy these worms in larger quantities. Average ordered quantity is 2000 worms which is considered as good for the normal raised garden beds.

Many people use worms for raised garden beds for restocking also. Raised garden beds can be an excellent way to build the inventory and later use it for main garden.

Our Recommendations

Our recommendations for the best worms for raised garden beds is Uncle Jim’s and NaturesGoodGuys. Both these products are of good quality with better customer services. They are into the business for years and provide 100% satisfaction with very detailed guidelines on how to handle these worms and get maximum benefits.

If you want the best garden trugs, read our detailed review. Don’t forget to share our best worms for raised garden beds review with your friends and family.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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