The Best Worms For Soil Aeration (2021)

est worms for soil aeration

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Earthworms are viewed as Engineers of the Ecosystem in environmental biology as they significantly affect the physical and chemical structure of the soil which directly or indirectly influence the environment and activities of other organisms within the soil ecosystem.

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Uncle Jim’s Red wigglers

European Nightcrawlers

Worms play an important role in the recycling of organic waste, making soil enriched with nutrients, improving soil structure/drainage and providing food for predators too.

The multi-functions of earthworms make it necessary for farmer’s and gardener’s to ensure their availability.

According to a scientific study in Newzealand, the soil with worm presence had better productivity than the other. Also, the soil structure and composition was sustainable and the back to back crops sessions didn’t affect productivity.

The market is full of variety and ambiguities about different worms for soil. In this article, I have chosen 5 best Worms for soil Aeration, based on customer’s feedback and market rating.

Let’s start

Top 5 Best worms for soil Aeration

Uncle Jim’s Red wigglers2000 count, 2lb Uncle Jim’s farmCheck price 
Coco coir wormWafers, 5lbWonder soilCheck price
Live RW Home250c, 1lbHomegrownCheck price
European Nightcrawlers600c, 1lbUncle Jim’s farmCheck price
Garden worms1000c, 1lbWWJDCheck price
Best Worms For Soil Aeration
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Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 2000 Count Red Wiggler Worms

Red wigglers are ideal for composting and. They are 1-3 inches long and less than a pencil lead in diameter. They don’t dig deep in the soil and appear rather keep their presence up the layer and act as a powerhouse for the soil. 

Think about converting your vegetable remains and coffee scraps to turn into soil nutrients and completely disappear. Well, Red wiggler by Uncle Jim’s will do the job with a guarantee. 

Name wormRed Wiggler
Shipping weight2lb
Worms Per count2000

Key Features:

  • guaranteed live
  • Pest /parasite-free
  • Improves roots structure and product yield
  • Improves germination and soil aeration directly
  • Lawn/garden composter

Apart from agricultural points, the company is very keen to keep up the good quality and in case of any non-satisfying delivery, you can send them back. 

The reason for this product in our list of Best worms for soil aeration is the quality of worms, their thickness unlike those dehydrated and thin parcelled worms. Also, the compositing function is the base of soil aeration. 

Wonder Soil Expanding Coco Coir Worm Casting Living Soil Wafers

It is a complete package for your farm and garden. Wonder soil is manufactured by dry compressed coco air mix which spreads out to seven times on the addition of water.

It contains the best soil nutrients and additional worm casting for nutritional sufficiency. With dry compressed coco air it has additional amendments of worm casting mycorrhizae, kelp etc. 

It is free of bacteria and fungus to keep the plants healthy and growing. It will increase yield to 25%. Nitrogen is on a slow-release/control release base which will not burn plants. It should be noted that it is completely organic, from natural resources and free of pathogens. 

Key Features:

  • Nutrients; Full of nutrients as in addition to dry compressed coc air it has amendments of worm casting, mycorrhizae and kelp. Which gives the soil the best combination for aeration and productivity. 
  • Drainage; Water retention quality of coco air is amazingly well established which saves 50-60% water, seed and fertilizer. 
  • Efficient germination: Plant growth is quick and smooth while the product is absolutely harmless to pets and family. 
  • Multi-purpose use: Application for roots springing, microgreens, home flowers, grains, herbs, shrubs, cactus, legumes etc.
  • Neutral pH, low EC (low salts)

Addition of mycorrhizae gives a strong root system which ultimately improves plant growth and increases soil aggregation and supports microbial activity of nutrients production.

While kelp gives you a 60% trace minerals and elements which helps in resistance against drought and other stresses. It increases the size and health of flowers and fruits which is the end great yield of your crops. 

HomeGrown Worms; Red Wiggler Composting Worms:

Nature fights nature well. Red wigglers are best for composting but if they are homegrown, definitely they would give you sustainable results. These days dehydrated compact thin worms are supplied which fail after some time while the homegrown worms experience was always amazing and the feedback by customers was always satisfying. 

Key Features:

  • Homegrown and family firm
  • Hand-sorted worms
  • Alive; guaranty (this is the main feature you should look for, most of the time you don’t get what you ordered) 
  • Natural Resources; They use natural resources for these homegrown worms which is beneficiary in many ways

They are packed in nutrients which are completely free of pathogens and harmful chemicals. Your family and pets are safe, for sure. The results are always as quick as they start multiplying greatly. 

Home-grown Worms Vermicomposting Specifications
Name wormRed Wiggler
Worms Count250
Highlight FeaturesOrganic way to fertilize your gardenWorm farm starter100% guaranteed live delivery.

Their size ranges from 1 to 1, ½ inch in the length. Besides increasing the fertility of the soil and maintaining plants nutrients balance it also helps in pest/disease resistance. 

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm European Nightcrawlers

These nightcrawlers are best for the food, leaves and barks which aren’t easily degradable. Their length is quite great compared to the other i.e 3 to 8 inches. Their digestive system is advanced than red wiggler which made them a strong force of soil fertilizing and nutrient balancing army. 

The soil aeration by European nightcrawlers can be used vastly. They are easy to raise and can stay for a longer period of time as they are heat and cold resistance. They are ideally used for composting while they populate quickly which means lesser count would be enough for a larger area. 


ModelEuropean Nightcrawlers
Worms count per round600
ManufacturerUncle Jim’s worm farm

Key Features:

  • Nutrients Availability:

As they are fed by plant debris, vegetables remains, leaves etc their digestive system makes the organic nutrients and minerals which are used by plants. Nitrogen is the essential one in this regard with the trace elements like sodium, potassium and phosphorus. 

  • Water Drainage:

        Soil water retention becomes 10 times better with their presence which helps in fighting against drainage and soil stresses.   

  • Increased productivity:

Due to factors like decrease in drainage stress and increased nutrients availability, It helps in the end in 70 to 80%  increased productivity. 

  • Better soil Texture and structure:

By leaving their cast on the soil they create a topsoil which makes the perfect texture and structure for crops or plants. The more they stay on a soil, the thicker the topsoil layer will be. 

Garden Worms by WWJD worms

This is the perfect choice for those who have a compact rock-like clay structure which doesn’t help in plantation or crops production. 

These garden worms go through these rocks and aerate them through pores and make the soil soft and granular. Unlike wigglers, they go deep down the earth up to 3-5 feet which makes the soil perfect for all types of crops and keeps the nutrients balanced. 

Garden Worms Specifications:

Worm typeEarthworms
Worms count1000
ManufacturerWWJD worms

The advanced frontal anatomy of these worms help them in penetrating in tough rocks like compact soil and also under the soil up to 4 feet on average. Their casting helps in the nutrients balance while making clay porous increases soil retention of water.

Key Features:

  •  Multiply in greater number and great pace
  • Enrich the soil with nutrients by casting
  • Improve soil structure
  • Increase water retention
  • Increase productivity more than 60%
  • They can be raised easily 

They are 1000 in count. These garden worms create air passages and water pores through the clay and improve the granular structure rather than rock and compact masses.


Don’t order in summer or Hot days as they may die during shipment. 

Customer’s Impression/Buyer’s guide

We filtered 5 best products which means we did consider customer’s feedback, their experience, expert suggestions and scientific facts. Going through hundreds of reviews and mixed experience would be quite messy. Here is how I extracted a few points which would help you in understanding the most suitable product for you. 

Red wigglers by Uncle Jim’s

If you are looking for one that covers every aspect e.g nutrients availability, water retention, improved soil structure then Uncle Jim’s red wigglers are the best choice for you. This is the kind of product which people call broad-spectrum i.e wide application. 

Are you a beginner?

Homegrown red wigglers are 100% based in natural media, free of pathogens. They are easy to handle and the feedback from customers was 99.9% alive on receiving shipment. 

So if you are a beginner just order and introduce them to your farm or garden, you won’t need anything complicated to execute. 

Do you have heavy food and plant debris in the soil?

If your garden is covered in conjugated area, covered by trees, and has too much food debris of macro masses you should definitely not think beyond European nightcrawlers by Uncle Jim’s farm. 

Nightcrawlers are known for the decomposition of food debris and plant sources which turn them into natural fertilizers and nutrients which are reused by plants or crops. 

Got tough and compact soil/clay? Facing drainage stress?

Some soil has tougher and compact clay which does not help in water retention and fast germination, also most of the seeds fail to get any roots. 

Garden worms by WWJD  have enough length and special frontal anatomy so they can go down the soil layer up to 6 feet, also they detach upper tough layer small rocks and make a porous clay which helps in water retention, quick seed germination and overall increase productivity. 

Besides that one should also consider worm count, rate of multiplying and live guarantee at the time of purchasing. 

Before you introduce worms in your farm/garden

If you want to encourage worms casting and their growth, make sure the following things:

Keep Soil moisture enough:

Worms lose their weight quickly on introduction to the farm due to mucus and casting, they need enough moisture content to keep alive. 

Don’t use too much fertilizer and fungicide

Use of too much fertilizers and fungicide can kill your worms by changing soil composition and in direct effect as well. 

Keep pH above 4.5

Worms can not live in an acidic environment. Research shows that the number of worms doubled when pH rose from 4.1 to 6. 

Make sure organic matter availability for worms:

Add organic debris like dead leaves, barks, plants, food remains etc to keep worms feeding and working


The whole article brought us to one simple and straightforward conclusion that nothing is in black and white, you need to consider every aspect from choosing the right product till providing the best medium in soil. 

Identify the need, choose the product and make sure you avail them better conditions to grow. Good luck with your farming and gardening.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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