Garden Storage Box Dimensions – 10 Must Things to Know Before Buying?

garden storage box dimensions

Do you want to buy a perfect garden storage box? This guide will help you understand what dimensions are best for your

The other day a neighbor was trying to fit in a large garden storage box in his tiny backyard. Not sure about the garden storage box dimensions, he asked me to help him measure it so that he can find the best spot to place the box.

The garden storage box is an essential accessory. It is quite handy to keep an assortment of small garden tools safely stored in a secure, waterproof place.

Garden boxes come in a variety of shapes and dimensions. Before anyone can commit to buying one, finding out the right dimensions is critical. Knowing the size in advance helps you to find the right spot in your backyard to fit the storage box.

Depending upon the garden size and the requirements, each person may have different preferences for the garden storage box. But there are a few things which should be considered before buying one.

Understanding the dimensions of the garden storage box is one such important thing to know before making a purchase.

I will explain how…….

Average British Garden Size

The average garden size in the UK is decreasing. An average British garden is 50ft long and has 10 types of different flowers.

The garden shed always had a pride place in British garden but with the average garden size reducing, it becomes a difficult choice to fit in the garden sheds and storage boxes.

Since on average only 12 hours a month are spent in a garden by a British family, it makes a lot of sense to do proper research on perfect dimensions of garden storage boxes.

Dimensions of Garden Storage

A good quality garden storage has certain features which you must look into before buying one. Below are few things which you must consider before buying any garden storage box.

Type of Material Used in garden storage boxes

Garden storage boxes are either made of wood, plastic or metal. All three types of boxes use slightly different dimensions.

For example, plastic storage boxes have wheels and side handles and are easy to transport.

Since plastic boxes are bit lighter in weight, they have more compact dimensions as compared to the dimensions of metal and wood garden storage boxes.

The lid of the storage box is also important. You need to have a lid which is waterproof and weatherproof.

The lid material should be strong enough to withstand any harsh weather such as snow or storms besides making sure it does not leak during rain.

The dimensions of the main items

Many people ignore the dimensions or size of the items they want to store in their garden storage boxes.

Without realizing the kind of items they want to store, people buy storage boxes which do not serve their needs.

Before finding the right dimensions of your garden storage box, it is more important if you can take a piece of paper and sketch the dimensions of the items you want to store.

For example, if the storage box is to be used for cushions then you need to know the size of cushions you have. Or if you want to put in your lawnmower along with garden toys, you may need a storage box of different dimensions.

You also need to make sure that you leave enough space in your garden storage box so that you can easily move items. A cramped place would definitely cause damage to your equipment if they are placed over each other.

The point is that not all garden storage boxes can serve your purpose. You need to first know what items you are going to store.

Weight Capacity and Storage Box Dimensions

You should also note that a compact storage box tend to have low weight carriage capacity.

Many storage boxes, especially, plastic ones have advertised weight of over 150 kg i.e. the weight capacity they can handle.

But due to their compact dimensions, they are not always good to sustain heavier objects.

For example, a garden storage box which suggests that it have the capacity of 150 kg may not sustain and crack open even with the weight of slightly over 80 kg.

So effectively, you have to make a trade-off between compact dimensions and the weight capacity of the storage box.

The more compact dimensions of the box are, more it will be susceptible to cracking due to heavier weight.

Depth is all that matters

Garden storage boxes do not come in one standard dimension. Some differ in height and some width.

What is most important to measure, however, is the depth of the storage box. If depth is not as per your requirements, no matter how larger or wide garden storage box is, it will not serve your purpose.

Depth, however, depends on the dimensions of the items you want to store.

Choose a depth which is sufficient enough to store all your required items irrespective of how large or wide the storage box is.

Extra-large Garden Storage Box Dimensions

The extra-large or large garden storage boxes come with the maximum storage of 570 L capacity. Starting from the weight of 15 kg or more, large boxes are quite handy when it comes to storing cushions and other stuff of your garden.

Extra-large garden storage boxes are perfect for storing a variety of items. Given their capacity of over 570L, you can easily store garden tools, equipment and even two wheelie bins.

The external dimensions of a normal 570 extra large garden storage box normally range from 145 cm in length, 82 cm wide and 125 cm in height.

Though there is no standard length, width and height of extra large garden storage boxes but most start with this dimension.

You should know that extra-large boxes are heavy and normally weigh over 25 kg.

A normal rule of thumb to check the dimensions of an extra-large garden storage box is that two adults can easily sit on the lid of the box.

If your supplier is not offering free delivery, given the weight and dimensions of this storage box, it would be quite difficult to carry it in your car.

Extra-large garden storage boxes of this dimension also have assembling issues.

It might be quite difficult for an individual to try assembling at home but given the right tools, you can easily assemble it without any help.

Plastic garden storage box dimensions

Many people opt for plastic garden storage boxes as they are easy to handle and are low on maintenance.

They come in different shapes and dimensions. They are preferred over the wooden boxes because they do not corrode easily.

Plastic garden storage boxes are normally of 6×3, 6×4 or 6×5 size and can easily fit into a garden.

Plastic garden storage box

Plastic storage boxes are more prone to leaking despite being waterproof. To make sure that it does not leak, you need to find the one with dimensions easy enough to assemble.

Normally, bigger garden storage boxes are hard to assemble. If anything is left unattended during assembling, it is quite possible that it will leak.

All Metal Garden Storage Box Dimensions

Metal garden storage boxes require concrete set up in your floor before they can be placed.

The flat level base should be around 50mm over which this can be placed.

The internal depth of a normal 2 door metal garden storage box, enough to store 3 bikes and other accessories is 810 mm with the width of 1750 mm.

This dimension is sufficient for average use but to have such a metal storage box, your garden must have a concrete base.

If placed on normal, soft soil, a metal garden storage box can damage your garden.

Before spending hundreds of pounds on buying garden storage boxes, it is quite a wise idea to first understand the dimensions of the box.

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