Garden Storage Box Seat- 6 Rules You Must Know Before Buying One

Garden Storage Box Seat
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  • Garden Storage Box seat is a necessary garden accessory that can store almost every garden essential.
  • It is costly to buy a good quality garden storage box seat, therefore, it is always prudent to learn as much as you can to avoid making costly mistakes.
  • Before buying the storage box seat, make sure you know what are its dimensions and storage capacity.
  • Having a solid wooden or concrete paving is also important so that your storage box seat can be placed on a solid foundation.
  • A good quality garden storage box seat should allow two persons to seat comfortably.
  • This article details everything you need to know before buying a garden storage box seat.
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An ideal garden storage box seat shall be simple, attractive and comfortable. It should be sturdy to hold your garden storage stuff securely and should also be comfortable enough so that you can sit on it easily.

But this is not the end of the features of an ideal garden storage bench as there is more to it.

To start with, it is always a great idea to look for comfort and design. You must always check if the bench is comfortable and sturdy enough to serve the dual purpose of storing garden equipment and also providing seating to at least two persons.

After you are ok with the comfort and durability of the box seat then its time to look for more features and things to consider.

How to choose the best garden storage box seat

Here are the 6 things must know…

Dimensions of garden storage box seat

A good quality garden storage box seat should be sufficiently big enough to seat two persons comfortably.

The standard mostly followed by good quality manufacturers is to built box seats which are wider enough so that two persons can be seated.

But this is not the only criteria for you to judge or ascertain the dimensions of any garden storage box. You must also know the size of the storage.

Starting from 265 L capacity, garden storage box seats can have a storage capacity of 800 L. Depending on your needs, you should choose the one which suits your needs.

Check the Quality of the Material

Garden storage box seats are made in different ways. Some models are wooden whereas most are made from the plastic.

But it is not just the end of it as there is more to it and you must know about various material used in the manufacturing of a top-quality garden storage box.

Garden Storage Box Seat

If the garden storage box seat is plastic made, make sure it is made from the UV-protected resin. UV-protection reduces the chances of fading and also keep the box intact and in good condition in any weather conditions.

Is it weatherproof?

A garden storage box seat must be weatherproof. Since these boxes are mostly placed outside in the garden, therefore, they are naturally exposed to the sun, rain, dust and storms.

A poor quality storage box seat can easily fade in colour and lose its attractiveness easily.

Not only this, it can soak your cushions, garden equipment and other tools stored inside it.

Before buying one, do your research. Find out the relative forums online, talk to your neighbours and get their opinion about the weather durability of the model you want to buy.

Since many models are plastic garden storage boxes, therefore, they may be more prone to harsh weather.

Not only weather can fade the colour and feel of the storage boxes but pets and kids can damage the storage boxes too.

You must, therefore, make sure that the garden storage box seat is made of UV protected resin.

UV protected resin increases the durability of the storage boxes and reduces the maintenance cost also. Resin also produces low and high-level temperature resistance in garden storage boxes.

You must, therefore, check if the garden storage box seat you are buying is made with UV-Protected resin or not. If it is not made from UV-protected resin, it will quickly fade and may not sustain harsh weather.

Do You have the right space/spot to place the Garden Storage Box Seat?

This is probably one of the most critical things you must consider before buying the box seat.

The primary requirement to place the garden storage box seat is to have a pre-laid level in your garden. The spot should be level, solid and must be dry. Placing the storage box seat on a damp ground can damage it and may make the box unbalanced for seating.

To provide the stable footing to the garden storage box seat it is critical that the foundation is either made of concrete or wooden paving. Having wooden or concrete paving will make it possible for the box seat to have a solid footing so that it not only can store all the stuff but is balanced enough to help two persons seat easily on it.

If your garden is soft and without solid paving, it may not be suitable for you to buy the garden storage boxes before developing a solid base.

While doing research, we have also found out that if the surface is not flat and solid, the garden storage box seat may leak. Some of the top keter models which are otherwise weatherproof and waterproof start to leak if they are not placed on the proper surface.

So if you are investing your money, make sure you have the desired solid foundation pavement in your garden before buying garden storage box seat.

How Much Does it Cost?

This one is probably the most important aspect of buying a garden storage box seat.

There are a lot of different brands in the market offering different pricing for a similar type of storage box seats. With slight changes in the make, material and the capacity, most models are priced in the same range.

A normal, good quality storage bench costs between £110.00 to £150.00 but higher capacity storage boxes can even cost more. Depending on your needs and budgets, you can decide on what price range you want to buy.

Here is the list of some top of the line models which are currently available:

Name of the ModelPrice
Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Plastic Storage Box £120.00
Keter Brightwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box £109.00
Keter Anthracite Rockwood Jumbo XL Storage Box £149.95

Always check the latest prices.

Does it Have the hinges on the lid?

Though most garden storage box seats have the lids which can easily be flipped and come with attached hinges but not every box comes with this feature.

The lid of the box should be easily opened with the attached hinges otherwise, it becomes quite difficult to actually open the lid every time and store your equipment.

Also, make sure that the lid can be locked. Most models advertise that the lids of their storage boxes can easily be locked but it is not always the case. It is always a good idea to actually check and see if the lid can be locked or not.

A lid with hinges makes it easier to operate this storage box and is a must feature for a good quality storage box.

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