4 Types of Garden Storage Boxes You can Buy for Your Garden This Summer (2020)

Garden Storage Boxes

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Garden storage boxes are useful outdoor storage items. They can easily store a variety of your equipment which might otherwise be lying outside in your garden or backyard.

If you are conscious of decluttering and don’t want a messy and cluttered garden, you will need a garden storage box.

Carefully selected, a garden storage box can be a quite handy and cheap alternative to buying expensive storage solutions for your gardens and backyards.

Selecting garden storage boxes can, however, be a tricky thing. You can easily get confused as to whether you need a wooden garden storage box, a plastic one, whether it must have wheels, what should be the dimensions etc.

There are countless things which you need to consider before making a decision to buy.

This guide will help you to understand what are different types of garden storage boxes and how to select the best one.

Wooden Garden Storage Boxes

Wooden Garden garden storage boxes, as the name suggests are made from wood.

But there are variations among the type of wood used in most of the wooden storage boxes.

Normally, the following type of wood is used in manufacturing a wooden garden storage box:

  • Treated Fir wood – Most wooden garden storage boxes are made from the treated Fir wood. Fir Wood is a type of lumber wood which is stronger and have dimension stability. It is naturally resistant to rot and pest and provides durability to the garden storage box.
  • Solid Wood – it is engineered wood which does not have any hollow spaces in between. It is made by layering different wood strands and fibre combined with adhesive material. Solid wood is generally strong and repairs can easily be done.
  • Teak Wood– It is probably one of the most expensive types of wood and garden storage boxes made with this wood material is costly. Teak wood is famous for its beauty and durability and possesses properties which are not present in any other type of wood.

The roof and the panels of the wooden storage boxes are made from the separate boards. The base is normally raised to reduce the risk of the damage.

You must also know that hand-manufactured wooden garden storage boxes are generally heavy-duty and are made with pressure-treated timber.

Pressure-treating of timber is a process during which chemical preservatives are pressed into the fibre with pressure. This is done to ensure durability and protection against the natural decay of the wood.

Pressure-treated timber also remains fresh for a longer period of time and have a natural resistance to insect and pest attack.

A good quality storage box must have a raised base to avoid the risk of dampening and to ensure the proper airflow.

This makes them relatively more durable as compared to other types of garden storage boxes.

Almost all wooden garden storage boxes require some assembly so make sure you understand how to assemble the box on your own or seek help from others.

Tall Garden Storage Boxes

For long-handled garden tools, tall garden storage boxes could be the ideal solution.

Tall garden storage boxes normally come with an additional shelf to hold small items.

Some tall storage boxes, especially of the Keter models, come with four compartments. You need to make sure that it has at least one additional shelf to accommodate smaller items.

Many new models use a detachable shelf so installing a shelf is purely optional and up to one’s choice and need.

Tall garden storage boxes can be installed as free-standing units but one can also install them against a wall or fence.

It is largely a matter of your choice to decide how you would like to install it.

You should also note that the roof of the tall garden storage boxes can be either flat or raised.

Most models have raised roof to run down the rainwater easily. Further, raised roofs are also easy to clean and maintain as compared to flat roofs.

Like every garden storage box, a good quality tall storage box must come with floor panels with sufficient ventilation installed. Ducts for air ventilation usually installed at the floor level to ensure that sufficient air is passed to keep everything fresh and ventilated.

If you have a small garden, a 4×3 size storage box is sufficient for your needs.

Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box

If you have a big garden or you have a large assortment of equipment, furniture, cushions sunloungers, refuse sacks and other stuff, you may need an extra-large waterproof garden storage box.

A normal extra large garden storage box is normally 5 ft long and big enough to seat two persons easily. The normal capacity of these boxes range from 265L to 800L

They normally come flat packed so you would need to assemble it. Two persons can easily assemble it without any professional help.

The good thing about the extra-large garden boxes is that it can easily be used as a bench with two persons can easily be seated comfortably. Though it can be a bit high to sit you can easily manage it. It is a good idea to cover the top with some cushions to make it comfortable to sit.

A good quality large box should ideally have the steel beams inserted to provide the required support to keep the box balanced.

You should only consider buying this type of garden storage box if you really need it. They are normally expensive than other models therefore carefully understand your needs to avoid paying extra.

Plastic Garden Storage Boxes

Plastic garden storage boxes are a cheaper alternative to wooden storage boxes.

Many of the models now give a wooden look and are aesthetically made to add more beauty to the garden.

Plastic garden storage boxes are sturdy and are waterproof and weatherproof. Unlike wooden boxes, plastic ones are better at keeping everything dry and ventilated.

Plastic garden storage boxes can have an opening lid and opening front doors. This makes them a great choice to also place two wheelies easily. This flexibility is normally not available in the wooden models.

The built-in slots in most models also provide an added option to add one or two more shelves to the plastic boxes.

Though plastic garden storage boxes are sturdy and durable they are also lightweight. The assembly can easily be done, one person.

If you check out this Keter model, you will notice that it has built-in rollers and handles also. Rollers and handles are installed to make plastic boxes more mobile and easy to move.

Selecting a good quality garden storage box is an easy task. A little bit of planning and proper market research will help you to select the best models which suit your needs and budget.

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