Guide to the Best Garden Tool Storage Box Of 2020

Garden Tool Storage Box

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A garden tool storage box will be one product you will need for your garden to store all your outdoor stuff.

A garden storage box is a necessary product to buy because it can solve your problem of keeping your garden organised and beautiful. Good quality garden storage toolbox will keep everything secure, dry and ventilated.

Above all, you will be free from all the worry …

Best Garden Storage Box

What is a Garden Tool Storage Box?

This guide will show what a garden tool storage box is, what are some models and their differences and how you should choose the best model.

This is a box which allows you to store all your garden and other outdoor tools in a secured, locked box.

This locked box is not only waterproof and weatherproof but is also a handy storage place to store other items such as bicycles, lawnmowers, cushions and other garden furniture.

Do You actually need a garden storage box?

Garden tool storage box can serve different needs. You can place them in your garden or have them in your balcony also.

The basic purpose of having a garden storage box is always to have a secure, lockable and waterproof storage box which can be used to store heavy and large outdoor and indoor items.

People also store their kids’ bicycles, lawnmowers, sports kits, golf equipment etc.

If you own such items and need a reliable solution to this problem, you will definitely need a garden storage toolbox.

Dimensions of Garden Tool Storage Box

Before knowing what size of garden tool storage box you should buy, it is more important to assess your needs first.

Not all gardens are of equal size and not everyone has a lot of outdoor tools to store.

Ultimately, you will need to exactly find out what is your exact need and requirements. Once you determine it, it will be a lot easier for you to choose the right model.

For example, if you have an average-sized garden with very few tools to store, this Keter Store it Out Max Outdoor Model can easily fulfil all your needs.

Dimensions of a garden tool storage box may not matter most if you exactly know your requirements.

Focus on finding out what is best for you.

Should I buy wood or plastic made Garden tool storage box?

This is probably the most difficult choice you have to make when it comes to selecting a garden storage box.

Personally, I would say, it depends on your choice.

Mostly, people tend to prefer plastic-made garden storage boxes as they are easy to handle and are lightweight.

Since most plastic garden storage boxes are also waterproof and weatherproof, they are a better choice when it comes to durability during the rainy or winter season.

What are some of the best Garden Tool Storage Box Models?

This Keter Model is probably a perfect garden tool storage box, you need to check

The Keter Store it Out Max outdoor is our best recommendations for you.

If you are looking for something which is compact and still can provide enough space to store all your garden tools, this box can provide all you need.

It provides a wood-like effect though it is made of high-quality plastic. With a sturdy base and enough space to store 2 240L bins, this box is not only durable but is also weather resistant.

It is probably one of the reasonably priced garden storage toolboxes with little or no effort required to assemble it without any professional help.

This compact designed garden storage box comes with a lid and is perfect for a small garden.

Keter Anthracite Rockwood Jumbo Extra Large Storage

This Garden Storage Tool Box is the ultimate for all your needs.

It has a huge capacity of 570L with the capacity to seat 2 persons also. You can easily use for the dual purpose of storing all your garden storage tools and also use it for seating purposes.

What I like about this garden storage box are its huge capacity and absolute best waterproof nature.

Even during the severe rainy season, it can easily protect your garden storage tools including your cushions and even sun loungers.

Main specifications of this box are:

  • Keter Brand
  • Size: XXL
  • Weight: approx 23 Kg
  • Made from Plastic

You can also easily colour this garden storage toolbox with special paint to match it with the colour of your choice.

fully lockable garden storage bo made from waterproof plastic.Instructions may be difficult to
understand to assemble this box.
Provides wood like feelLid can crack during shipping
Will keep your all garden tools dry even during harsh rains.Little bit Expensive but delivery
is free
Check Prices on Amazon Check Prices on Amazon

Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

This 4 by 3 ft tall garden storage shed is huge for all your storage needs.

If you want to store all your garden storage tools, BBQ grills, cushions, kids toys, bicycles, bins and lawnmowers, this is the best choice for you.

It comes in larger models also but if your garden is not that huge, the 4 by 3 model will be ideal.

It is 1800 L storage box which comes with a sturdy front door which is lockable also.

The lockable garden storage box provides all the security and safety to your garden storage tools. However, you need to install the external lock on your own.

Garden Tool Storage Box

What is good about this garden shed is the ventilation and easy light passthrough.

Ventilation keeps everything dry whereas the skylight provides access to the natural light.

Tool Shed in Natural

This Brighton style garden tool storage box is made from the timber. Due to design, it is ideal for storage of tools, clothes, cushions and other outdoor items.

Made from wood treated with water preservatives, this box would require some re-treatment every other year to keep in good shape and condition.

The front door is big and the internal compartments are good enough to store even tall garden tools.

You can easily assemble to build small storage areas at the top while leaving the remaining place to store tall tools.

Tool Shed in Natural
Tool Shed in Natural

Though it can easily stand on its own on a flat surface you can also fix this garden storage box against the wall or in the garage.

Keter City Outdoor Storage

This is a low priced option for anyone who wants to have a small and compact garden storage toolbox.

With the capacity of just 113L and 55 cm of height, this plastic made the box is perfect to fit into smaller places such as balconies.

Since the lid is lockable, therefore, you can easily use this box for parcel and post collection also. Simply place it outside and your parcels and posts can easily be stored while you are away.

Considering the small size of this box, it can easily be converted into a tea table in your garden also. Though it is not ideal for seating, kids can easily use it for seating also.

Easipet Wooden Garden Shed for Tool Storage 

If you want pure wood storage box for your garden, this Easipet wooden storage shed is good enough to not only store wheelies but can fit in a lawnmower also.

Unlike other wood items which are heavier, this box is lighter and do not require assembling.

Packed with solid panels and rubber wheels making it mobile enough to be placed at a suitable spot.

Another key feature of this garden tool storage box is that it is weather resistant.

The lid or the top is made of waterproof material. The front doors are made in such a way to provide the ventilation to keep everything dry.

Made from treated fir wood Made of Thin Wood and flimsy
Steel handles & adjustable feetMay be unsteady and unstable
No assembling required More suitable for lightweight stuff
Reasonably priced Need concerete spot to place it
Ideal for small gardensDifficult to place a lock

Garden Tool Storage Boxes can be used for multi-purposes. Depending upon your use and need, you can use these boxes for a variety of reasons.

The above review of the best garden storage boxes have been written after reading through 100s of customer reviews, technical manuals and product specifications to provide you best information to buy the best garden storage box.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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