How To Aerate Your Lawn?

How To Aerate Your Lawn

The purpose of this post is to help you understand how to aerate your lawn. In this post, I will be explaining everything you need to know about lawn aeration and how to do it easily.

Landscapers do everything to keep their lawns healthy. Apart from regular watering and mowing, they also do aeration to make sure their lawns look lush and stay healthy. All the reasons why you should do aeration in your lawn would make a detailed list. We can come up with many reasons why you should aerate your lawn, but we will only discuss some of them to keep it precise. Aeration brings some obvious advantages to your lawn.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

One of the most obvious benefits of lawn aeration is that it loosens up the soil compaction. All landscapers know how compacted soil can damage your lawn. Soil compaction refers to soil reduction, resulting in excessive solid particles. That happens when soil is compressed together.

That has a negative impact on soil productivity. Soil compaction leads to increased bulk density of soil, and when bulk density increases, the growth of roots gets restricted. 

Another reason why you don’t want your soil to be compacted is that when there are too many solid particles in your soil, they hinder the flow of nutrients, air and water through the soil. Of course, if your lawn does not get enough nutrients, it will not grow healthy.

So it would be best if you did aeration to keep your lawn in good health.

There are a few reasons for soil compaction. The most common ones include too much traffic on the lawn and excessive lawn mowing. Too much traffic means doing activities on your lawn, such as running or playing. It also includes animal traffic.

Aeration also takes care of the thatch layers. When these thatch layers are thin, they don’t impose a big threat on the health of your lawn. Rather, they are beneficial to some extent. But when they become thick, they can become a fly in the ointment. They also restrict the passage of air, water, and nutrients.

Furthermore, they act as a trap where grassroots get trapped. To worsen the situation, water can also accumulate there, which can make grassroots suffocate. Moreover, thick thatch layers are also home to many insect pests.

Another reason why you should consider doing aeration is that it helps the grass breathe. It oxidizes the soil and also helps the roots get nutrients. Roots flourish when they take enough nutrients. 

Now that we have discussed the importance of aerating the lawn let’s discuss how you can aerate your lawn. This knowledge would be handy for you, and you’ll be able to aerate your lawn properly if you follow these steps.

Aerating refers to the process of perforating holes into the soil for the easy flow of nutrients and fertilizers through the soil. It takes the plugs of thatch and removes soil compaction to make your lawn vigorous. It is also known as core aeration. If you don’t aerate your lawn, soil compaction can restrict the root growth, while lawn thatch can also cause many problems. So you should aerate your lawn to make it look lush and healthy.

Equipment for Aerating your Lawn

Equipment that is used for aerating is called an aerator. The cool thing here is that you can buy an aerator even if you have a thin wallet, as there are two kinds of aerators, i.e. plug aerators and manual aerators. If you have a low budget, you can go for a manual aerator as they tend to be cheaper than the plug aerators.

They are also known as spikes. They are more expensive than manual aerators because they involve heavy machinery. If you buy a plug aerator, you won’t have to put in as much effort as you would while using a manual aerator. It makes the aerating a lot easier, and you won’t have to go through the hassle at all.

But some people don’t prefer using a plug aerator even when they can afford it, despite the fact it reduces their work and does it all by itself. That is because when you use a manual aerator, it extracts the plugs out of the soil. So not only does it dig holes into the soil, but it also extracts the plugs out of it. However, this is not the case with plug aerators. All they do is perforate the soil.

It’s not that they don’t bring any good to the soil at all; yes, it perforates holes. But as time passes, it will cause further soil compaction. When you’re just digging holes and not taking a plug out, it will create more soil pressure. As a result, it will get compressed, resulting in more soil compaction. So most of the landscapers prefer using a manual aerator. A good manual aerator is made of good strong material, such as steel, and has a pointy tip.

How To Aerate Your Lawn

How to Aerate your Lawn?

Now let’s discuss how you can do aeration. Aeration is a lot easier than it may seem, and for landscapers who own a lawn, it is as easy as pie. If you have a spike, it will do the aeration itself. Some of them even come with a seat, and you can sit on it and enjoy doing aeration. Seriously, aeration was never this cool. These are the steps that you can follow to aerate your lawn.

Prepare your lawn first to aerate it. Aerating on tough soil could be frustrating for you, and you’ll have a real tough time aerating it. So the soil must have enough moisture in it to make things easier.

For this purpose, you can water your lawn a day before aerating it, or you can also wait for it to rain.

Now start doing aeration. Place your aerator on soil, and put your leg on it. Make sure you apply enough force that will allow your aerator to go deeper. The deeper it goes, the better will be the results. Then take it out after several seconds. 

Now repeat the process several times until your entire lawn is aerated. If you know the place affected by soil compaction, make sure you aerate it. You can skip the unaffected area to save your time and energy.   

Leave the plugs open on your lawn. It’s only a matter of time before they get decomposed. 

It is the right time to do lawn maintenance (if your lawn needs it). You can put seeds or also put other fertilizers.

Aerating alone is not enough for your lawn to be healthy. So keep mowing and watering it regularly.


What is the best way to aerate your lawn?

The best way to aerate your lawn is by using a manual aerator. It takes your effort, but at least you’re not compromising on your lawn’s health. Use a manual aerator that is strong enough and has a pointy tip that penetrates deep inside the soil.


Aerating is one of the best things you can do to make your lawn healthy and vigorous. It improves the flow of nutrients and loosens up soil compaction. You can use a manual or plug aerator to aerate your lawn. Manual aerators are considered best for aerating as they also extract the soil plug from the soil. You can follow the aforementioned steps to aerate your lawn properly.

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