How to Use a Leaf Blower?

how to use a leaf blower

When the days start to shorten, and the colours of leaves start to change on the trees, it reveals the beginning of autumn. While it is a beautiful season for many of us, but we tend to spend hours outside of the home, clearing up piles of leaves. To make the long task simple, you can use a leaf blower, and in this post, I will discuss how to use a leaf blower.

By purchasing a suitable leaf blower, you can rack up these leaves quite quickly. As a result, you can have a neat and clean yard and save your precious time for other entertaining activities. If you agree with us, here’s everything about how to use a leaf blower.

How to Use a Leaf Blower?

When using any power tool, safety should be your topmost priority, and the same applies to a leaf blower. Leaf blowers can clean brushwood, dirt, and other debris in no time. So, before you start using one, you should take all the precautionary measures to protect yourself.

Before you start using a leaf blower, ensure that you have the correct protective equipment. Moreover, we will advise you to use a pair of safety goggles for your eyes. Remember that using a pair of sunglasses or anything similar will not protect you!

Leaf blowers are not a silent machine, especially gas leaf blowers even cordless leaf blower also make noise. So, using it for hours can affect your hearing. Here we will advise you to use ear protection.

Other items that might not be essential, but we will recommend them. These items include a safety dust mask for your nose and mouth, gloves, and non-baggy clothing. Besides, don’t wear any jewelry while using a leaf blower.

When to use a leaf blower

Knowing when to remove the leaves with a leaf blower is vital. Due to the additional weight of the water, wet leaves are usually tough to shift than the dry leaves, and loads of wet leaves are almost impossible to clear up with a leaf blower. This means let them dry and don’t try to move piles of wet leaves.

Another important thing, don’t use a leaf blower on a windy day. Trying to blow the leaves on a windy time is not advised. It is more like herding wild cats. If you cannot wait until a perfectly calm day, at least blow them when the wind moves in the right direction.

Finally, be thoughtful. Remember that leaf blowers make too much noise that most people don’t like to hear. So, never blow the leaves early in the morning when most people are asleep.

how to use a leaf blower

Steps to use a leaf blower

Here are the simple steps to follow when you start clearing the leaves via a leaf blower.

Step 1. Choose Where You Want To Shift Them

Before starting the mission, you should know exactly where you want to shift those piles of leaves. This will let you work logically and steadily.

If you want to collect the leaves afterward, you can set a tarp on the surface, and collecting them all at the end will become a lot simpler. Similarly, if you plan to blow large piles of leaves, make multiple piles of leaves.

Step 2. Start With Hedges

When you are using a leaf blower, first start clearing the leaves from hedges and edges. Bring all the leaves in the open, and start working on them towards your targeted area.

Start working in straight lines, and try to form a U-shaped sweeping motion with a leaf blower to shift the massive piles of leaves.

Step 3. Work Sideways

When you only plough and blow large piles of leaves forwards, you will only manage to clear a path by blowing them to the side. But that’s an incorrect method.

The correct method is to work on sideways, and walking up and down in straight lines and blow the leaves to your targeted area. By doing so, you can comfortably shift the heavy loads of leaves in your preferred direction.

Step 4. Work around the Leaves to create a pile

If the leaves are present in your targeted area, start working around the leaves in a circular motion and blow them to your targeted area. Keep working carefully and collect all the leaves into one single pile.

Other Tips

Grab the leaf blower at a shallow angle

By grabbing a leaf blower at a shallow angle, you can shift more leaves with a single sweep.

Use smooth and broad sweeps

When working on large and massive piles of leaves or working on a large area, always use broad, gentle, and smooth sweeps instead of going for quick and erratic sweeps. This will allow you to shift many leaves at the same time, and they all will travel in your intended direction.

Don’t try to clean up every single leaf.

Never ever try to pick up each and every leaf when blowing, or else you will drive yourself crazy. These leaf blowers are made to clean piles of leaves, not for individual leaves.

After doing the bulk work with the leaf blower, you can remove the remaining ones by your hand.

Buy the right model

There are various models and brands of leaf blowers, which are useful for various tasks. Ensure that you pick the right one according to your needs.

You can use the vacuum function for inaccessible areas.

Many leaf blowers come with a vacuum function that allows you to vacuum up the leaves. This feature is handy when you are dealing with smaller piles of leaves or working on inaccessible areas. Though, if your blower has efficient protecting aptitudes, you can use it for a large number of leaves.

Final Words

A leaf blower is a super-handy equipment only when you know how to use it correctly.

Leaf blower saves you from hard work, but you will end up with a more mess in your backyard if you don’t know how to use it correctly. If you are using a leaf blower for the first time and don’t know where to start, just follow this guide, and you will master this art quite quickly.

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