12 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Lockable Garden Storage Box

Lockable Garden Storage Box

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No one likes a cluttered and messy garden- I am sure you would not want one too. Your garden can easily be a dumping ground for everything your family members drop on their way to leaving or entering the home.

Messy and cluttered gardens not only look bad to the eye but also leave a lot of question marks over one’s ability to have a clean and organized garden.

But what if with just one simple hack, you can take care of all your outdoor storage needs and also have a clean, organized and a green garden.

Lockable garden storage box

With simple and creative storage hacks, you can easily solve your problem.

I will explain how…

Lockable Garden Storage Box

Lockable Garden Storage box is a handy accessory that can quickly solve this problem for you.

With some simple efforts, you can buy a perfect lockable garden storage box and store your cushions, garden furniture, kids’ bicycles, lawnmowers, and other excess stuff to make your garden look tidy and shiny.

However, finding a perfect lockable garden storage box can be tricky.

Countless questions that can come to your mind while deciding what type of garden storage box to select.

You might be thinking like

  • Whether you should buy a wooden one or a plastic one?
  • What should be the dimensions?
  • Should you buy one with a large capacity or small capacity? Whether it has a padlock or not? Are there handles on the sides?
  • Whether you can install it on your own or will need help?

It is not that simple to decide how to select a perfect garden storage box. I was in the same situation you might be in now when I was buying my first lockable garden storage box.

I made mistakes of buying garden storage boxes which were leaky, not sturdy or simple came with flimsy plastic that it was futile to even place them in my garden.

But with our experience and learning from the mistakes we made, we can help you to avoid those mistakes while buying a lockable garden storage box.

Read on….

Ignoring the quality of material

Many people quickly buy garden storage boxes with flimsy plastic. It is quite easy to select a box that looks good due to its colour and shape with a wood-like appearance.

But on close inspection, you will find that the material is quite flimsy and can crack open or leak very quickly.

The lids of such boxes can easily curl up and may not correctly fit in with the box. In such a case, the box no longer remains waterproof and can easily leak and soak your stuff when it rains.

Another sign of poor quality material is light shining through the box. If a box is made of thin and brittle plastic, you can easily see the light passing in from the sides of the box.

Never make a mistake to select a lockable garden storage box without first confirming the quality of the material. You can directly ask the supplier about the condition.

The garden storage box must at least be made with weather resistance resin with fade-free and durable material. If it can fade or crack open, it is not worth it to spend 100s of quid on such a garden storage box.

Is it Stable and can close properly?

One thing which is ignored often by the buyers is that they buy garden storage boxes that are unstable.

Unstable garden storage boxes are mostly made of flimsy material and do not close properly.

Normally, unstable boxes are made from one piece with corners are crafted by thinning the plastic in a manner that it can assemble easily.

However, due to the lack of precision and faulty manufacturing, such boxes become unstable and do not provide the full value for money.

Many extra large waterproof garden storage boxes are heavier than the normal boxes and would require a more concrete cemented pavement.

Ignoring the spot where the lockable garden storage box is to be placed

This is quite simple and easy to miss mistakes most people make before buying the garden storage box.

They do not know where they will place their storage box and whether the garden has a small piece of concrete base or not.

Garden storage boxes are bulky items, and when filled to their capacity, they can become heavy.

Without placing them on a concrete box, they will surely damage the soil on your garden and leave behind large spots to be filled with new mud later on to cover them.

Ideally, before buying a lockable storage box of any size, you should have a small pavement in your garden where the box can be assembled and put easily. A level surface is a must to place any garden storage box; otherwise, the box may not close properly and become uneven.

Ignoring this simple and straightforward to-do item can make your life miserable later on.

So always, identify the right spot in your garden for the storage box before spending your money on it.

Ignoring whether the lockable garden storage box is waterproof or not

The biggest mistake people make while buying a lockable garden storage box is ignoring whether the box is waterproof or not.

UK weather is harsh. Out of 365 days, on 133 days either it will rain or snow will fall.

With such consistent rainfall, if you compromise on this single product feature, you are sure to waste money on buying a garden storage box that will not protect your cushions and other garden furniture from rainfall and snow.

To test whether the storage box is waterproof or not, try to check it by pouring some water over the lid and leave it for 30 minutes.

If you find the bottom of the box damp and moist, it means, the water can cause seepage down to the bottom.

Many models would claim to be waterproof, but this one by the Keter is considered as the most effective against the rain and the snow and can withstand any weather conditions.

You must also know that not all garden storage boxes are rodent-free completely. A box can be waterproof but not necessarily to be rodent-free. Check out thoroughly and specifically ask before buying.

Not Knowing about assembling the box

Garden storage boxes are huge items. They are not only bulky but are challenging to assemble also.

Typically, a large garden storage box can easily be assembled by two persons, but it is not always the case.

If you are not Do It Yourself type of a person, you should attempt to assemble the box on your own. Before buying, you must, therefore, be sure about whether the box can be easily assembled or not.

Some companies provide assembling at the extra cost. So maybe you can consider professional assembling instead of trying your hand on joining the box.

Whatever decision you make, it should be focused upon how quickly and easily the box can be put up either with professional help or on your own.

If you want to use this box inside, you may need to dismantle it also. Never buy a garden storage box that will not be easy either assembled or disassembled through the same process.

If you can’t dismantle it on your own and re-assemble it, it will be hard for you to use it as a multipurpose garden storage box.

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Check if Box has the wheels and the hinges

If you are like me then you must be thinking of using the garden storage box for both the outdoor and indoor needs.

There are a lot of people who use garden storage boxes for both indoor and outdoor uses because it makes a lot of sense to save money by not investing in another storage box for indoor use.

These boxes are also quite large and fit in almost everything if space is available.

Instead of buying a separate box, try to buy a box that comes with hinges and wheels. You can easily transport the box in and outside your home and use it for whatever purpose you deem fit.

Accepting the Delivery of the box without a solid, sturdy base

A Solid and sturdy base is a must. Without a base whether plastic made or otherwise is absolutely necessary to have.

Sometimes, based provided with the box is old or returned by other customers. Check specifically if the base is not flimsy and split up at different places.

Some buyers also make a mistake of accepting the delivery of the box without the metal supports for the base.

In a good quality lockable garden storage box, the base is supported by the metal on the sides. This keeps the base intact and allows it to sustain the weight over a longer period of time.

Easy Replacement of Parts

Garden storage boxes are bulky items and can easily get damaged or broken during the transport.

Various parts such as lids, wheels, hinges can easily be damaged or wear out with the passage of time. Even locks stop working after some time.

The problem is most lockable garden storage boxes supplied do not provide the replacement parts so easily. You have to follow the manufacturers to provide you with the desired replacement for parts and it can take time.

It is always prudent to check if the replacement of parts is easily available. Without easy availability of the parts, your storage box can become useless and hard to operate.

One solution to this problem is that you can find a local supplier in your area or else you need to keep in touch with the manufacturer. Keep a complete record of your garden storage box such as its model, date of purchase, etc.

Not Having Bin Opening Kit with the Lockable Garden Storage Box

Many models do not provide a bin opening kit with the storage box. If you want to store/place your bins in the storage box, then it is important that you check if the automatic bin opening kit is supplied or not.

Bin Opening Kit

Bin Opening Kit is a simple addition to the box helping you to open the bin lid when you open the lid of the main storage box. They are handy to avoid your hands getting dirty while opening the bin lid.

Reinforcement with Metal

Another feature of a good, sturdy and durable garden storage box is whether it has the metal reinforcement either at the base or on the rims.

Many models come without the metal support on the inner side of the box thus they are not as sturdy as a good model should be.

Though such models may be a bit expensive but they are worth the money if you want to buy a long-lasting and durable lockable garden storage box.

Missing Hardware Parts

Lockable garden storage boxes are huge and bulky items. Assembling them is a great task and may not be easy for many.

Things can become more complicated if the hardware to properly assemble the box is not supplied together.

The screws and hinges are not normally supplied along with the box. If you are expecting them to be with the box, it is better if you ask about them. You might be surprised to know that the actual product delivered to you may not have all the hardware and you are left with nothing more than a few plastic items.

Either pre-arrange them from your local store or ask for the supplier to provide you with the same.

Returns and Refunds

Like standards in the UK, you can refund the garden storage boxes within 14 days. However, please understand that you are required to pay additional administrative fees plus any return courier and shipping charges.

If there are any damaged items, most suppliers give you 3 days to return them. For faulty items, you have up to 30 days to return.

Always check the standard return policies of the supplier and if anything is not ok, you should act as quickly as possible otherwise you may end up with a faulty product to use.

Buying a good quality lockable garden storage box is easy. You can easily avoid the above mistakes by being more selective and aware of the things which can cause loss to you in the shape of a faulty or non-durable product.

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