8 Problems a tall garden storage box can shockingly solve for you

Tall Garden Storage Box

Do you want your garden to look organised and shiny? With right use of tall garden storage box , you can easily solve most of your garden storage

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A small garden is considered as a blessing- something which you can turn into a small piece of outdoor land of your own. But a small garden can be difficult to manage also.

Small gardens can become hard to manage when we don’t know how to sort out our outdoor garden storage problems.

A lot of us get into a difficult situation of storing kids bicycles, our lawnmowers, garden furniture, cushions and other stuff in our gardens and still have a place left to enjoy quality family time in the garden.

With a little bit of research and seeking expert advice, I was able to figure the solution to this problem as to how a tall garden storage box may be the right solution to this problem.

I will explain how a tall garden storage box can actually solve this issue and provide all the required space in the garden to do a lot of other stuff without making the garden look messy and cluttered.

Tall Garden Storage Box can help organize your small garden

ok, the obvious one first…

The best utility of a tall garden storage box is to make your small garden look more organised.

The average garden size which we normally have in our homes is not considered as sufficient enough to place extra large storage boxes. Such boxes simply occupy more space and make your garden look even smaller.

A tall garden shed is an ideal solution to confined places. Not only you can use in outdoor spaces such as your garden, but you can easily place it in your balcony also.

Tall garden storage box normally comes in the dimensions of 42 by 62 inch which is sufficient to place almost every garden furniture etc.

You can even fit in camping toilets, wheelchairs and adult bikes also. Tall garden storage boxes can be sufficient enough to store such items with ease and you can use the saved space for some other purpose.

Since most of the tall sheds can be customized in size, you can easily find a model which can even fit into your balcony. The best thing about a tall garden storage box is that it can be easily placed inside your home also and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Tall Garden Storage boxes are mostly maintenance free so once you carefully select the best model, you will surely be free from any worries about your garden storage issues.

If you are running out of the space in your existing garden shed or want some extra space, tall garden storage boxes are ideal for you to utilize them for this purpose.

It is Best to Store Heavy Duty Items

Tall garden storage boxes are really good when it comes to storing heavy-duty items.

Items such as lawnmowers, ironing boards, garden furniture, sports kits, bins etc are bulky and not only require a storage box which is sturdy but would also need to be placed in a box which has sufficient storage.

Since most boxes are modular in nature too and come with the detachable pieces, you can easily adjust your tall storage box to store all heavy-duty items.

Modular nature of the good quality boxes would also allow you to fix a few pieces and create room for large items.

For example, if you have a large ironing board to store, you can remove one or two adjustable pieces and create more space to fit in your ironing board.

Storing items like bricks and paving slabs can damage garden storage boxes. Always avoid storing them inside the garden storage boxes otherwise, they can easily damage plastic made storage boxes.

Storing Seasonal Sports Gear

Agree or not, most of us do like to participate in seasonal sports. Right from watching our kids’ cricket match in white cricket kit to participating in a local football match, we all engage in sports activities.

Most people, however, keep them stored inside their bedrooms or interior closets.

Storing them inside the house not only leaves the dirt marks but make it difficult to track them and also clean them effectively.

If there is no separate place in your home to store your kids’ cricket bag, sports helmets, bicycle helmets, knee and elbow pads, etc, a tall garden storage box can be a great alternative.

Considering their sheer size and space available, tall storage boxes can easily store seasonal sporting items. If there are several children in the home who participate in sports, you can even make separate storage bins for each one and have the bins safely stored in the tall garden storage boxes.

Store Your Emergency Kits

It is always a great idea to have an emergency kit for every person in the home. Life is really uncertain and till help arrives, emergency kits can be quite handy.

Tall garden storage boxes can serve as the ideal for storing emergency kits.

Emergency kits are normally short term kits with 2 to 3 days of clothing, food, extra pair of shoes and other normal stuff required during an emergency.

Garden storage box can be an ideal solution for this as you will have complete peace of mind in the case for any reason, you have to leave your home in case of emergency.

It Will Keep your Cushions and equipment dry

If your tall garden storage box is waterproof, it will keep your cushions not only dry but ventilated also.

Since the UK’s weather is erratic and it rains and snows a lot, having a storage place that can keep the cushions dry could be handy.

Not all cushions are made from the fabric that is moisture and fades resistant.

Due to this, if you leave your cushions uncovered during the rainstorm, most cushions will be soaked and rain will not roll-off.

To avoid getting them soaked and curled due to rain, it is always a great idea to store them in a waterproof garden storage box.

It Will securely store your equipment

This one may be an obvious benefit to you but not all tall garden storage boxes come with the foolproof security.

Normal tall garden boxes come with doors which sometimes can be hard to close. Similarly, their panels may be difficult to fix.

Most people simply return such boxes because of their panels falling off frequently.

A good quality garden storage box comes with the locks which can be securely locked and provide all the necessary security from the theft.

The quality of attached hinges matter also. If poor quality hinges are installed, it is quite easy to break them open the box.

Hinges made from nickel and other sturdy material may be more reliable as compared to the hinges made of plastic or other flimsy material.

You can add Led Lights also for Your Garden

If you want to install led lights in your garden and can’t find a suitable place, tall garden storage boxes are ideal for this purpose also.

You can even install solar-powered lights at the front or back of the storage box.

Installing LED lights can actually help you to sort out lighting issues in your garden and you can easily get a mobile spot for placing the led lights at convenient places within your garden.

It is best to store your cleaning Equipment

A tall garden storage box can easily be used to store your cleaning equipment. Equipment such as mops, buckets, scrappers can easily fit into the box with sufficient room available for other stuff also.

If you have other cleaning equipment such as bins, they can also be safely stored.

A tall garden storage box can be really handy and can provide you with a cheap and better alternative. If properly used, it can almost solve all your outdoor storage problems.

If you are using your tall storage box in some other way or it is solving any problem which is not listed here, feel free to share it in comments with us.

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