The Best Garden Fence Paint

Best garden fence paint

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Nature has many colours and a garden with a beautiful fence, nicely painted is the most eye-catchy colour in the summer. Painting the fence not only adds beauty to the garden but enhances the durability and lifespan of your fence.

The next thing you may ask ‘‘ what is the best garden fence paint?’’. So, we managed to conduct a search and survey to answer your question and guess what?

We brought you the list of six best garden fence Paint available in the UK. This survey was based on features, durability and users’ feedback. 

Running out of time? Don’t worry, we have summarized the list in the form of the following table so that you can view key specifications and latest prices. 

Product Volume Colour Life Buy on Amazon
Johnstones Woodcare One Coat Shed & Fence
9 L

Forest Green

3 years

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Cuprinol Ducksback5 LForest Green 5 yearsCheck price
Roxil Wood Protection Cream
3 L

10+ years 

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Water-Based Shed and Fence Paint
20 L

Dark Grey

3-4 years

Check price
Creocote Oil Based Creosote
4 L

Light Brown

Check price
Ronseal Midnight Blue Fence Life Plus
9 L

Midnight Blue

5 years 

Check price

A fence is not just a fence but the first thing any visitor or a person passing by can see and you would not want to give a bad impression by leaving the fence untreated. By using some protective and decorative measures, you can get a fence of your dreams. Either fence is painted with rainbow colours or a deep black, it reflects the sides of your personality so choose the best one among all. 

From bright colours to coverage rate, there are many aspects a good quality fence paint can cover. But the question whose answer you are looking for is what makes a paint best? You don’t need to go anywhere as we have broken down the smallest details there can be to make paint best among thousands available in the markets. Furthermore, we have provided you with a buyer’s guide at the end of this article. For now, let’s review the best garden fence paints available in the UK.

Best Garden Fence Paint

Best Garden Fence Paint

Johnstones Woodcare One Coat Shed & Fence

This forest green paint provides a variety of colours that will dry quickly in just 1-2 hours. This fence paint has a great coverage rate and will not only give the colours to the fence but also protects it. 

With the requirement of just one coat of paint, this is an amazing product to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It gives a coverage rate of 6 m2 per litre which is great value for money. 

Wax enriched paint will protect your fence from rain, sunlight and other extreme weather conditions for up to 3 years. It is usable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Use it with a brush or spraying machine, it will provide immediate results and no wait of hours to dry. It will protect the wood and keep it from greying and provides a classic finishing touch. It’s also available in red cedar, dark oak and golden chestnut colours. 

Key Features 

  • Volume: 9 litres
  • Colour: forest green
  • Coverage area: 6 m2 per litre


  • Long-lasting 
  • Range of colours available
  • Quick-drying 
  • Great coverage rate
  • A bit Expensive 

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Cuprinol Ducksback Fence and shed Paint

This paint has an advanced and wax enriched formula that gives colour to your fence or a shed as well as provide weatherproof protection for up to 5 years. 

Time is vital and that’s why it is made in such a way that it dries quickly within 2-3 hours. One coat will be enough normally but that is up to your preference, after one coat if you feel like the second coat is needed, you can always do another coat. Just wait 2-4 hours between coats under normal weather conditions. 

Wax enrichment formula makes it a very eye-catching product.  Wax helps it to make the fence water repellent for a long time up to 5 years as well as frost-proof. The low odour of this paint allows you to work with it comfortably as many people get irritated by a paint odour. 

Although the paint will be showerproof in 1 hour keep the rain check and avoid using it if the rain is forecasted within the next few hours. Also, try not to apply it in temperature below 5 C and damp conditions. Product’s performance will be reduced if applied on weathered wood.

It can cover up to 10 fence panels which are quite a big area. We recommend applying the paint on a surface which is unnoticed to get the idea before it is too late. 

Key Features 

  • Volume: 5 litres
  • Colour: Forest green
  • 5 years of life 
  • Non-drip 


  • Long life 
  • Water-repellent 
  • Frost-proof 
  • Large coverage area


  • Not suitable for the already painted wood

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Roxil Wood Protection Cream

If you want to treat a softwood timber or weathered hardwoods, this is a cure. It is not a paint but a cream that protects your untreated or unpainted timber by absorbing into the wooden surface and creating a waterproof barrier. It will not change the colour of the wood or texture of the wood it is applied to. Roxil wood protection cream can be used on outdoor woods like fences, decking, sheds and furniture to protect it from any kind of weather. 

Softwoods are very prone to algae and mould because of its absorbing nature and especially in areas of high rainfall. This cream does not only provide protection from water but also reduces mould and algae growth to a minimal level. 

It is a silicone cream emulsion for wooden structures to protect the timber for more than 10 years. This unique cream formula can be applied with a standard brush or a roller as per your comfortability. Apply a single coat on an unpainted softwood timber directly. After the coating, wood will absorb the cream and an unseen waterproof layer will be created. One coat application meaning that less cream will be used to provide a great value. 

The cream formula also allows a swift and precise application without any splashes even on a vertical surface. Wood treated with this cream will not need any high maintenance as the untreated wood and can be easily cleaned without using acidic cleaners. 

Good value for money product to protect your fence or shed from rainfall and other weather conditions which cause the weathering of wood. 

Key Features 

  • Volume: 3 litres
  • Material: Alkylalkoxysilane
  • Coverage area: 3 – 5m² per litre


  • Weatherproof wood
  • Long-life up to 10+ years
  • Reduces warping and cracking
  • Maintains natural texture of the wood


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UK Paint for Shed and Fence 

If you like a classic neutral colour that goes with every style of home, then you should go for the grey. It is a versatile colour that can go with anything from classically designed fences to modern ones. 

This water-based paint provides a lovely dark grey matt finish to your fence and shed along with the protection of the wood. This paint can be applied to any kind of wood with any kind of the previous coating. It will overcome the previous one and will make it completely disappear to give a classic grey finish. It provides an environmentally friendly finish so you do not have to worry about your pets or children. 

Your fence will need only one coat of this paint but if you want a darker finish, then applying a second coat is completely fine. Drying time of the water-based paint is 1-2 hours (touch dry) and provides water-proof protection after that. The paint can be applied with the brush or a spraying machine both with the same efficiency and effectiveness. It is easy to apply with excellent colour retention. 

The most unique fact (can be said as a warning) is that the volume of this product is 20 litres which is a lot of paint for an average garden fence. And the weight of the tin as a whole is approximately 25 kg. With its big volume, it can cover up to 15 m2 per litres depending on a surface it is being applied to. Great value for money with a long-lasting paint requiring a single coat. Surely you will be left with a lot of paint to use for later. 

Key Features 

  • Volume: 20 litres
  • Coverage area: 15 m2 per litres
  • Matt finish
  • touch -dry time: 2-3 hours


  • Quick-dry 
  • Single coat required 
  • Tough and durable
  • Can be applied to previously painted wood

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Creocote Oil Based Creosote

Another oil-based timber treatment that is used to protect the external timber of fences and sheds. It penetrates deep into the wood and protects it from mould and algae. This product gives a light brown shade to the wood giving a traditional appearance after drying. 

It is a highly effective oil-based treatment for outdoor wood. It is ideal for rough woods of sheds and fences. It is basically a substitute for a product which was previously named “creosote”. But it has the same features and qualities as its previous version. It has the same smell and colour.

And as economical as the previous one with the same effectiveness. It soaks in deep to penetrate smooth timbers and is only suitable for outdoor use. It provides excellent water repellency and protects the wood from extreme weather conditions as well as wood-destroying insects and fungi. 

Creocote can provide protection for wood up to 60 years and in some cases, 100 years. Well, that is a big number. But according to experts, the smell of creosote can be harmful to health and can cause damage to different organs. 

Key Features 

  • Volume: 4 litres
  • Oil-based
  • Light brown colour


  • Water-proof protection
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for rough, sawn and smooth timber
  • Easy penetration into the wood


  • Can be harmful to health 

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Ronseal Midnight Blue Fence Life Plus

If you want a paint that requires minimum maintenance then check out this product. It is suitable for both rough and smooth timber surfaces including sheds, fences and garden furniture. This paint is compatible with anything. 

The product is very easy to apply and provides a coverage area of 6 m2 per litre. It only requires 2 coats on a roughened surface and 3 coats on a smooth wooden surface. This product will withstand up to 5 years of water-proof protection. 

The product will make the wood shower-proof within an hour so there won’t be any problem if you are expecting showers anytime soon. The paint can stick to damp wood as well as dry wood to give a beautiful midnight blue finish. 

Simple to apply with a brush or a sprayer to get amazing results quickly. With all the rage of colours, this product matches all styles no matter which colour you choose. 

The only thing which can be a problem is that it is too watery and will start dripping while applying. 

Key Features 

  • Volume: 9 litres 
  • Colour: Midnight blue
  • Coverage area: 6 m2 per litre
  • 5 years of protection


  • Wide range of colours available
  • Suitable for both rough and smooth surfaces
  • Long protection
  • Big coverage area


  • Too watery and difficult to work with

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Buying Guide to the Best Garden Fence Paint

Before you start the hunt for the best fence paint for the garden, you have to look for some key features in the products to get the best results. 

The basic and the most important purpose of the painting of a fence is to increase its life against the weather conditions along with giving it a beautiful finish. There won’t be any use of paint if it does not make your fence or a shed, water-proof. 

Fence paint should provide water-proof and frost-proof protection to the wooden surface that prevents the wood to be rotten. The life of the paint on the fence is also a point which has to be looked for. High-quality paint should provide long-lasting protection. 

All these details, to be looked for carefully, are broken down below to go through them one by one. 


As we said before, protection of your fence should be a top priority while shopping for fence paint. You won’t want a paint that will crack after a week or two. 

High-quality paints are made with wax enrichment and can protect your fence for a long period of time without any high maintenance. 

Drying time 

The fact that you are living in a house whose fence you want to paint requires the paint to dry quickly if you live in an area where it rains a lot. And children or pets are also not safe around undried paint. 

Usually, paints provide the drying time of 1-3 hours which is fine enough and anything above that will be a problem.


Odour can be very irritating to work with and sometimes can be harmful too. So, always try to go for paint which provides odourless and is safe for the plants as well as pets and children. 

Coverage area

Coverage area per litre is the area of a fence which the paint will cover in a litre, is also a feature to look for in a bucket of fence paint. It also depends upon the coatings it requires to get a fully finished surface. 

Try to calculate the area you want to paint and then buy paint accordingly. 

Material of Paint

These paints are normally produced from four fundamental elements i.e solvent, binders pigments and additives. Most of these components come from various sources. For example, gums/resins and waxes are used as a binder and additives that are non-toxic, natural and very long-lasting. 

Moreover, the adsorption rate and breathability are determined by the substances it is made of. Therefore it is very essential to know the chemical details and composition.


If your wooden fence has dents, scratches or other defects then the paint should be able to cover it up and provide a quality finish. The paint should also protect the wood against the scratches and dents in future. 

Life of paint

Life of paint decides when you will need to spend your money again and you would not want to spend your hard-earned money soon after buying the paint. That is why you have to look for a product that will last long while protecting the fence and giving it a mesmerizing look at the same time. 

Some of the products offer 3 years of life and some of them offer 10+ years. Go with the one you believe in. 


A garden fence paint makes us worry about two things i.e colour retention and protection against weather’s hazards such as rain, snow and heatwave. So how can we define the garden fence paint? Surely the one that can stay for a longer duration of time (more than two years at least) and can fight against the extreme weather and water ingress. 

We have brought six best garden fence paints that are available in the UK. Out of these six, we recommend Ronseal Fence Life Plus and Roxil wood Protection. However, cross-check your needs with the features of different products to choose the best one possible. 

So, Buckle up and Good luck with Painting them.

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