5 Things You Must Know Before Starting Working from Home

5 things to know before start ing working from home

Learn how to effectively start working from home by using these tips and delight your boss with top-class productivity.

Working from home is a new trend. For many, it may seem like a dream to work from home and have the flexibility and freedom to work on an individual schedule.

Modern technology including chatting software such as Slack, Project management apps, high-speed internet access and ease with which one can communicate through skype and wireless internet has made it possible for companies to offer to telecommute as one of the options to work.

What companies get from this? A happy and more productive worker.

So, if you are someone who can ask for an option to work from home, here is the list of 5 things you must know before talking to your boss about work from home:

Are You Really Ready for This Kind of work lifestyle

Probably, the most pertinent question you should ask yourself is whether you are ready for a shift in your style?

A lot of us fail to adjust to new lifestyle changes when two realities of being at the home and working at the same time clash with each other. There could be a lot of issues such as kids, constant sound of tv, your neighbours etc are some factors which can really disturb you when you ultimately start to work from home.

If you are uncertain about you will be adjusting with the new reality, you should first decide whether you want to work part-time or full time from home.

A day or two of work from home could provide you with the necessary balance in life you may be looking for. In that case, working from home for 2 days may be sufficient.

But if you want greater level of freedom and choice, working 5 days a week maybe your best option.

Carefully review your circumstances and take a very honest view of your home and work-life requirements before committing yourself to a change. An honest review should ideally be based upon understanding what you will get and what you are willing to sacrifice for this new shift in your work.

Can you convince your company to allow you to work from home?

A most significant challenge for you would be to convince your company to allow you to work from home.

It may not be company policy to allow its employees to work from home or the company may not be ready for teleworking.

Convincing your boss and your company can be a significant task and for that, you need to be creative.

You need to come up with the business reasons which can also support your personal reasons to work from home. If you can transform your personal reasons into business reasons for working from home, it could become quite easy to get the big YES from your company.

Are you ready to work on your own?

A lot of us actually like to be supervised. We want our work is supervised and checked before being delivered.

Working from home might not give you that chance. It is quite possible that though you may get permission to work from home but may not get a direct supervisor.

The lack of interaction with colleagues for the whole day could be a challenge for a few people. They miss the typical office environment, the noise and the colleagues.

If you like people around you and can miss the hustle and bustle of the day, working from home may not be your cup of the day.

Can you actually work from home?

Working from home may be a smart choice but can you really deliver from your home?

Can you really work alone, without being supervised?

It is quite possible that part of your job may require going out, meeting with vendors, collecting payments from buyers etc. In that type of scenario, it may be a challenge for you to manage offsite aspects of your job.

If your work requires either the personal contacts with third parties or even colleagues, it is highly probable that you may not be able to deliver the desired level of work quality from home.

If you are in such type of work, better work in a typical office environment.

Can You Schedule Your Job Effectively?

When you work at home, chances are that you will be distracted.

Once news gets in that you are working from home, it is quite possible that your friends or family will start visiting you. If you have children then it is also a pain point to deal with.

If you can properly schedule your job and set the time blocks where you can work uninterrupted, then it could be easy to work from home. But if you are someone who cannot refuse guests or would like to play around with kids. scheduling work can be a real challenge.

Carefully schedule your work and block out all distractions to achieve the desired productivity otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time.

Working from home can be a real challenge and if you sort out above things, chances are that you can easily telework and live the life of freedom.

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