How to disconnect from work and relax?

How to unwind and relax after work

The modern work ethics are different. Right from putting in extra hours of work to teleworking, it takes a lot of toll on our mental health and personal development.

It becomes difficult to truly disconnect from work and unwind, relax and enjoy life after a long day of hustle.

I work full time and the nature of my job is such that I am always on my toes- all the time. Despite leaving the office at around 5, mentally I remain connected with the work.

It is like, I constantly wait for the phone call from the boss, a Whatsapp message in workgroup from colleagues or even late evening emails.

Everything keeps me hooked up till its 8 or 9 in the evening.

I am sure you can relate to me too. Modern work takes its toll not only on our mental health but on our personal well-being also.

How people unwind and recover from work is such an important mental health issue that it requires serious practice and consistency to learn few tricks to truly unwind and detach from the work and truly be your ownself and relax.

A Lot of Research studies highlight the reasons as to why people often fail to detach their thoughts from their work.

On the one end are people who remain engaged in work almost 24 hours of their day. For them, the boundary between work and personal life is somewhat blurred.

The failure to distinguish between work and personal life and letting the work dominate the personal thought process makes it difficult for them to cope with other realities of life.

On the other extreme of this fulcrum are people who are able to recognize that work and personal lives are two distinct spheres of our lives. Both need to be managed separately and individually without compromising one for another.

If you want to learn how to detach yourself from work-related thoughts when enjoying off time, here are some really great tips for you:

Change Your core beliefs to truly disconnect from work

No matter who you are, your core beliefs about work and your personal life needs to be balanced. If you want to change your perception about work-life balance, you need to change your core beliefs.

Our core belief system shapes up our overall approach to work. So to successfully detach and unwind from the work, we need to understand the different spheres of our lives.

While work is just one of the many aspects of life, it is crucial to learn to distinguish between the two.

You may be someone with a low level of skills, or skills that you fear can be replaced by technology so you put in more efforts just to hang around. Or you may be someone who is too ambitious and wants to quickly climb the corporate ladder.

In any case, it is quite possible that your core beliefs about the way you relate yourself to work will keep you in constant thought process about your work even after the end of working hours.

Learn the Power of Distraction

Distraction is one of the most successful coping strategies and can provide real relief. If you are using your own car for the commute to work, maybe try public transport.

The wait and rush hours can push your thinking to another direction and can provide you with a small window of distraction.

Manage Workload

Countless research studies have shown the negative effect of workload on detachment from the work-related thoughts.

High amount of workload and unattained or leftover work in the office can be a real cause of this psychological pressure on you.

Managing workload would require you to carefully plan your activities during the day. Here are some tips for you to manage your workload:

  • Try to inbox zero before you leave. If you left some emails unread, chances are that they will keep nagging you during the evening too.
  • Shorten your lunch and coffee breaks and rather focus on completing the tasks.
  • Try to come a bit early to finish your most important work before the office officially starts.
  • Build a competent team to delegate your tasks.

Learn to Manage Your Energy during the Day

The new mantra of time management is don’t manage your time but rather manage your energy during the day.

It is a scientific fact that fatigue is related to your ability to psychologically detach yourself from the work.

You will feel tired and fatigued if you are not able to cope with work-related thought patterns.

To better manage the same, it is crucial that you manage your energy during the day to finish your workload on time.

Switch your job where you have more control over a job assignment

Our inability to unwind after work also critically dependent upon how much control we have over our jobs.

Demanding work schedules and low-level control over the job assignments makes it difficult to truly unwind and relax after the job.

If you can, either talk to your boss to provide you with more autonomy and control over your job activities or find a job where you have the same.

Lack of control would make it difficult for you to cope with office-related psychological pressure.

Avoid Loneliness after Work

Being alone after the work can keep you in the work-related thought process continuously.

It is even possible that little distraction through watching TV or doing some other activity alone may not be sufficient to unwind.

It is quite important that you must build a small social circle to pass your time after work.

If you have a family, engage with them or else go out in your neighbourhood and interact with people.

Modern work practices are a harsh reality. The kind of pressure it can create on our psychological and physical well-being is known.

What we can do, however, is to learn and apply some of the active strategies to cope with this and unwind ourselves from the work-related thoughts after we finish off for the day.

Above tips can definitely help you to truly unwind and relax after a long day of work.

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