How To Simplify Your Life

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” – Rumi

Modern life has made it extremely difficult to have those moments in our daily life where we just wind up, throw everything out and live a moment of simplicity, silence and deep insight. So many things occupy our attention, space and time that it seems almost impossible to take a moment out of our busy schedules and focus on what is unimportant, simple but necessary. Living a simple life has become tough in modern times.

My life has not been simple so far but in search to live a simple and meaningful life, I have come across some effective and tested strategies which can declutter our lives, provide us with personal space and focus on essential things in our life.

In the past, I have struggled with the fact that I was living a life which was a bit over-complicated. It was like, living in a non-ending spiral of doing and getting as many things as I want in life. This made my life more boring and routine until I started to limit my choices.

I truly believe that limiting choice in life makes it easier. You stop the struggle and let your mind focus on a few but most important things. This ultimately simplifies your life and create more space for your personal adventures and passions.

Below are some really simple and effective methods to declutter your life to have more freedom and choice to live a more simplified life:

Mindfulness Practice

Living a simple life requires excellent mental health. A positive life attitude and a habit of living in the present moment remove the fears and uncertainties about the future.

We complicate things when we attempt to design the future of our choice. Though there is nothing wrong in this, if our journey to our chosen future is taking us away from simplifying our lives then it should be a moment of reflection for us.

Life can be a lot more simple and decluttered if we are able and ready to focus on the present moment. For this, we need to deliberately engage in mindful living. To live a mindful life, here are some really simple tips:

  • Engage in mindfulness meditation
  • Keep a check on your personal values
  • Adapt Mindful eating
  • Learn not to react on small issues
  • Be more patient and learn to remain silent

Learn To Simplify your Finances

One of the biggest pain points in my life has always been managing my finances. It is quite easy to get buried in uncontrolled and messy personal financial affairs.

Spending without budgeting, racking on personal debt, buying things which we don’t need etc are some of the activities which really make our lives complicated.

Here are some tips to simplify our finances:

  • Budget your expenses
  • Save before you spend
  • Keep just one or two bank accounts
  • consolidate your credit cards and use at most two credit cards
  • Buy on cash
  • Never go shopping on an empty stomach

Keep your Social Circle Small

We, humans, are social animals. We yearn to live with others, being recognized, cared and looked after by others. We make friends, keep in touch with our family and continue to extend our professional network also.

But all this ultimately creates a drag on our schedules.

Personally and professionally, I was often caught in between managing too many relationships. A Lunch with colleagues and dinner with university fellows and then a family get together are some simple examples of how social activities may complicate our own lives.

Life is quite simple and to keep it that way, what is more, important is the fact that we must not let our lives to get into things which ultimately cost us dearly in terms of our happiness and satisfaction.


Noah Burns

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