Mindfulness Meditation – 5 Easiest Tips to Experience Mindfulness in Your Life

Mindfulness Meditation

Do you really want to practice mindfulness with an easy to do mindfulness meditation practice? If you answer yes, read on…

A few years back, I started to learn more about mindfulness and how it can improve our well-being.

From helping to reduce stress and depression to living in the present moment, mindfulness practice is a whole package of some simple yet effective tools to live a better and aware life.

Mindfulness generally is considered as a practice to bring our complete attention to the present moment.

It is a great tool to actually become more aware of what is happening around us and how we should respond to the events that happen in our daily lives.

But before we learn more about mindfulness, it is critical to understand how we perceive the world and its effect on our living.

Mindfulness World View

Our world views are different. Each one of us views the world from a different frame of reference and from a different point of views.

On a more mundane level, we view the world as it is. What the eye sees seems the reality.

At this level of perception, we believe that the world is as we see it. The world is as we witness it with our open eyes.

Most of the people view the world from this perspective so to most of the world seems a place of injustice, cruelty, exploit and crime. 

On a secondary level, few of us view the world from a scientific point of view. We observe and find the reason for behaviours and adjust accordingly.

This is the category where science fits in.

Living with this state of mind would require you to see and evaluate everything on the basis of theory and observations. We see the world through reason.

However, on a more deeper level, very few of us perceive the world through their hearts.

Perceiving the world through heart puts us into a new dimension of evaluating the world. We stop reacting to imbalances in the world and see it in complete balance.

Mindfulness goal is to help you make a transition to view the world from your heart.

Having understood the broader concept of mindfulness, here are some simple yet effective tips for practising mindfulness in your daily life:

Mindfulness is not just meditation

Many people actually consider mindfulness as a form of meditation. Meditation is just one tool for living a mindful life.

The traditional Eastern Mindfulness philosophy suggests that meditation is a tool through which the desired qualities of compassion, awareness and wisdom can be achieved. 

But mindfulness is not just limited to meditation or an off-shoot of any advanced meditation practice.

Mindfulness is a multi-faceted concept comprising of different components and it is really crucial to understand their relationship with each other.

Mindfulness components like non-judging, acting with awareness, non-reaction is important mindfulness traits which meditation alone cannot cultivate within us.

Take Full Responsibility of Your Life

I must confess that till a few years back I was not aware of the mental and spiritual level that I should take complete responsibility for my life.

I was just wandering through life aimlessly following different advice and achieving no results. 

Until I realize that if I have to improve as a person, I need to take full responsibility for my life.

Mindfulness takes you on this journey of being fully responsible for your life. 

To start of your mindfulness journey, you must develop your locus of internal control. You must realize that you are not going to blame anyone else for your issues in life.

If your mind and your focus is constantly on blaming others for your troubles, you are not going to live a mindful life.

As a first step, you must start to take responsibility for your life. And here is you can start on this:

  1. Start to write a journal whether electronic or physical and note the instances where you believed you blamed someone else for whatever happened to you.
  2. Also, write the past incidents where you happened to be the one who believed that another person was at fault and not you.
  3. Build the inventory of all such incidents
  4. Once you honestly write everything, destroy the journal and commit to yourself that you will never ever blame others for your life.
  5. Make a strong commitment with yourself that from this day on, you are RESPONSIBLE for your life…

Start with Visualization

Probably the simplest way to start practising mindfulness is to start with visualizations. 

Simply imagine yourself sitting on a boat on a river and just experience your surroundings. Hear the sounds, imaging how water splashes against the boat.

Listen to birds- Feel the cool breeze.

The idea is to aware yourself of the moment. On a perception level, learn to experience the moment and visualize what colours, sounds and scenes you may be missing by not being fully present in the moment.

Focus on Your Breath

This may seem like a trivial step but believe me, breathing is the most effective method of mindfulness.

Start with simple 6 to 7 rounds of breathing in and out. One breathing count includes in and out both.

You can either have different inhaling and exhaling times like inhaling for 10 seconds and exhaling for 50 seconds or you can inhale and exhale at equal time intervals.

Start with whatever suits you.

To begin with, simply sit in a relaxing position but make sure your spine is straight.

Close your eyes and just observe your breath. Witness yourself breathing in and out.

Do not try to breathe but just witness the process.

With practice, this simple breathing focus can improve your cognitive abilities and bring in desired mindfulness qualities in you.

Acceptance is the Key

We all resist things, people and experiences. Resistance comes naturally to us because we are trained to question everything.

We never bother to experience the beauty of things as they are and react.

Mindful living requires acceptance- accepting everything as it is- not resisting or judging things from any perspective.

Accept things as they are. Experience them without resisting or judging. If you can see the beauty behind every experience, you will start witnessing the world on an entirely different level.

Mindfulness is a journey- a process which can gradually take you to your desired objectives. The key is to be disciplined and persist with your practice.

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