Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box

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Do you want an uncluttered garden? Do you want a garden which looks nice and tidy with all the required furniture and accessories? if you want one, you also need a good quality extra large waterproof garden storage box which can store all your furniture and cushions.

With rain and snow, if your garden equipment, bikes, children toys and refuse bags are lying open in the garden, they are most likely to get damaged and make your garden look cluttered and messy.

Garden storage boxes are ideal storage solutions for storing equipment, bikes, BBQ grills, children toys etc in your garden.

I will explain what you should look for in an ideal extra-large waterproof and weatherproof garden storage box.

A good quality extra large garden storage box must have at least three qualities or features. They are :

  • They must be waterproof and weatherproof
  • Easy to put up and assemble without any professional help
  • Easily transportable with handles on the sides and wheels

Do You Really Need Extra Large Water Proof Garden Storage Box?

Not every garden is suited for extra large garden boxes. Gardens which are at least 15 meters long. Not only the size, but your garden also needs to have accessories and equipment which require storage.

The normal dimensions of extra large waterproof garden storage boxes are sufficient enough to store almost 12 cushions. Considering this as rule of thumb, you should only buy this box if you have a sufficiently large amount of garden equipment, cushion, sofas and bicycles to store.

If you are a family with one kid and a very small garden, you maybe look for small garden storage boxes which fit in your purpose.

We have carefully reviewed some of the best available extra large waterproof garden storage boxes so that you can select the best one which fits your budget and needs.

Extra Large Waterproof GARDEN STORAGE BOX & Bench By Ketter

If you have a large garden and need something which can store almost every outdoor item, check out this one by the Ketter. It is extra-large with huge capacity and waterproof and maybe the best solution for your storage needs.

Fully waterproof with a capacity of 570L, this resin garden storage box is fully lockable as well as waterproof.

Made of wood with the weight of 18Kg, this extra-large box is made from wood and is strong enough that two persons can easily be seated on it also. Further, it is environment-friendly as it is made from recyclable material giving it a more authentic look and feel.

The main dimensions of this storage box are 152x62x63. To learn more about dimensions of garden storage boxes, read this guide.

Comes with a strong base, 4 sides and a lid, this garden storage box is pest-proof also. But there are some chances that cushions stored may get slightly mouldy especially during the rainy season.

Though this garden storage box is sold flat packed, it is easy to assemble as two persons can easily put it up within an hour.

Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box
  • Raisen, wood grain effect
  • Do not colour fade
  • Fully lockable
  • The lid comes with hinges

Keter Anthracite Rockwood Jumbo XL Storage Box 570 litres

This is another classic item by the Ketter which can provide enough storage and is also elegant in design.

This is sturdy and fully lockable storage box which is not only perfect to store cushions, 2 seaters, armchairs, garden equipment, animal feed, pool accessories and almost any stuff which you can fit in easily.

Comes with a storage capacity of 570 Litres XXL size, this is the largest storage box from Keter with 22 kg of weight and made of plastic. But this box is sturdy enough and one to two medium built individuals can easily sit over it also.

Fully lockable and waterproof, this storage box has a relatively larger lid so that it closes very tightly. Due to safer lid design, rainwater does not stay at over the lid and drains to the floor.

The best thing about this extra-large storage box is the ease with which you can assemble it. It comes with no installation instructions but it is super easy to install it on your own.

Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box

This Ketter Extra Large garden storage box is ideal if you want one solution for storing all your garden equipment and other things.

Keter 870L Extra Large Waterproof

If you need really huge storage box which can store almost anything, check out this 870 L capacity storage box.

With 21.5 Kg weight and product dimensions of 147x83x86 cm, this is resin material with the really extra-large interior. Giving the wood-like look, this box has built-in locks and handles to easily transport it from one place another in your garden.

If you want to store only cushions in this box, you can easily store more than large cushions and they will remain dry during the rainy or snowy season due to the fact that this garden storage box comes with waterproof and weatherproof material.

Since this is really a large and bulky garden storage box, you need to thoroughly check it before installations. It will almost always be the case that some plastic may be damaged during transportation. You need to thoroughly check it and ask for a replacement if parts are broken or damaged.

Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box
  • Easy to put up and install
  • Takes less than an hour to assemble
  • Great for storing sofas and cushions
  • Can store more than 12 thick cushions
  • Waterproof

Keter Borneo Outdoor Plastic Storage Box 

This plastic made storage box has a capacity of 416 Litres and lockable lid. The lid is piston operated so it provides an automatic mechanism to open or close the lid without much of the effort.

Like most of the Keter storage boxes, this is also made of the weather-resistant plastic with no maintenance required. What is also good about this box is that it provides a wood-like appearance.

This box has the capacity to store 12 large cushions and if you can spare some more space, you can stuff up to 6 small cushions in this box also.

Given the fact that it is sufficiently wide enough and has really large depth, you can easily store almost every garden accessory in it.

Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box
  • External dimensions of 62.5×129.5×70 cm
  • Can seat one person with less than 10 stone size
  • Lockable with a padlock

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Plastic Storage Box

If you want something decorative and shiny, this bench may be ideal for you. Not only you can store almost 265L of stuff in this box but two individuals can easily be seated on it.

Made like a sitting bench with an elegant look and multipurpose use, the plastic used in this storage box does not need any type of maintenance.

Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box

Best Features

  • Lockable lid
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Fully ventilated and keeps cushion dry.
  • Comes with 2 years Warrant

The design is made in such a way that you can use this bench for both indoor and outdoor use. The polypropylene resin plastic is sturdy enough to withstand the pulls and pushes to keep this box either indoor or outdoor.

SORARA Protective Cover and Cushion Storage Carry Bag

If you are looking to have a lightweight storage box just to store cushions, Sorara protective cover and cushion storage bag is ideal for you.

Made of high-quality PU material, this bag is resistant to scratching, fading or even cracking. The best thing about this storage and carry bag is the fact that it is of universal size meaning that it can store cushions of any size.

Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box
  • affordable and low priced
  • Quit big and can store almost every size of cushions
  • Comes with warranty

These extra-large waterproof garden storage boxes are ideal for anyone who is looking to have perfect solutions for their outdoor storage needs.