Songmics Sun Lounger UK Review

Songmics sun loungers are one of the most affordable recliners you can buy right now. While we reviewed the ten best garden furniture sun loungers, but if you want to read more specific songmics sun lounger UK review, here is our detailed review:

Songmics Sun Lounger UK

Songmics Sun Lounger UK Review

  • Breathable sun lounger with head rest support to relax and unwind after the work.
  • A foldable and easy to carry sun lounger.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A four pocket backrest to help you get a good nap while enjoying the sun.
  • Sturdy and comfortble sun lounger.
  • Affordable with frequent price reductions online

Songmics Sun Lounger UK Review

Songmics Sun Lounger is a flat sun lounger which you can easily lay flat for not only sun bathing but for relaxing only. It is not neccessary that you use it just for sun bathing only as you can easily place it inside your home and have a good nap also while relaxing and unwinding after day’s work.

It is really a lightweight sun lounger which is not only comfortable but easy to use also. It is a foldable so you can use it either outide or inside your home.

What I like most about this sun lounger its prices are frequently lowered and you can easily buy it below £100 easily with a small delivery fee. With this price and features, I truly believe that this is one of the best and most affordable sun loungers you can buy.

Best Features of Songmics Sun Loungers

  • One of the highly-rated items
  • Can be used either in the terrace, balcony or in the garden.
  • It is extremely easy to set up- just unfold it and you are ready to go.
  • It comes with an adjustable sunshade. You can adjust the height or rotate the sunshade according to your requirements.
  • It is easily transportable as it is foldable. You can easily carry it for camping, parks and other family recreations.
  • Comfortable headrest providing you with all the support and comfort

Since this is a fully foldable chair and requires storage when not in use, you might have to buy the right quality garden storage box. You can store it in a small shed. You can also buy a storage bag instead of a storage box to store it offseason.

Many people like to use it as a chair but due to its manufacturing it may not be possible to use this sun lounger as a chair. You cannot have an upright back with legs down like you sit in a chair.

The best thing about songmics sun loungers is that they are really flat. You can easily lie them in flat position. Flat position helps you to straighten your back and while enjoying the sun shade right over your eyes.

The adjustable sunshade is a great added feature of Songmics Sun Loungers. You can easily adjust it according to your laying position.

The dimensions of this sun lounger are sufficient enough to fit a person of up to 6 ft 4-inch height. A heavy person can easily feel comfortable on this sun lounger and enjoy a long and relaxing session while enjoying the sun.

The head rest is padded and also removable. You can easily replace with a more comfortable head rest.

Considering the UK rainy weather, the fabric on the songmics sun loungers let the rain water run off easily. Simply tilt your sun lounger to one side and the rain water will easily run off.

Our Songmics Sun Lounger UK Review has been published after an extensive research of this model. We strong recommend this affordable sun lounger to have in your luxury collections.